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Term 3


Dance Fest @ Ashton Park secondary School


On Wednesday 8th February both Yr2 classes performed dances at our Dance Festival. 2 Lime dressed up as Cowboys and Cowgirls and performed 'Cotton Eye Joe'. We busted out our best moves and had fun watching all the other performers. Holy Cross, Ashton Vale, St Peters and Hotwells were the other schools that attended. We had a great time and performed our dances again to our parents and carers during curriculum afternoon. By the end of the day we were exhausted!Thanks for coming!!

2 Lime hope you have a restful holiday and see you all soon.









Dance Fest

Dance Fest 1
Dance Fest 2
Dance Fest 3
Dance Fest 4
Dance Fest 5
Dance Fest 6


This week in Science we have been learning how to brush our teeth. We watched a couple of You Tube videos about brushing our teeth. Then we sequenced some pictures about how to brush our teeth and matched them up to the instruction. You have to brush your teeth for 2 minutes and visit the dentist twice a year. indecisionmaildevil


We have also been learning how to tell the time and draw the hands on a clock.broken heart


In Literacy we wrote a diary entry about Chang the boy in our story 'The Magic Paintbrush'. We also have been trying hard to improve our reading comprehension.laughheart


Rafa is really excited today because it is Fish Finger Friday!!!cheeky








Recorders are fun because they make lovely sounds. (Maisie) heart


We can already play note B on our recorders. (Ewan)no

We love playing recorders and we love learning how to play them with Mrs.Milller (Sulaiman)smiley


The recorders are fun to make noises with.(Vlas)blush


This term we have got our own recorders that we keep in our drawers and we can take them home at the end of the term.(Oscar)angry


We had lots of fun playing recorders and we will play them next music lesson. (Sam)yes

To be continued...





Recorders 1
Recorders 2
Recorders 3
Recorders 4
Recorders 5