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Term 3

Week beginning 02.02.15


This week we learnt about Thecodontosaurus (the Bristol dinosaur). Ryan from the Bristol Dinosaur Project began by asking the children how many different dinosaurs they knew. The class quickly reeled off a long list including some names I had never heard of such as Lambeosaurus.

I was also impressed by the quality of the children's was great to see children using questions to find out more rather than just saying what they already know. Here are some questions that the children asked Ryan


"How many bones do dinosaurs have?" - About 300

"How can we know a dinosaur's colour when we can just see it's bones?" - (Not such a straight forward answer, but a great question!)

"Why are dinosaurs extinct?" (most popular theory is meteorite, followed by tsunamis and years of clouds of ash and debris blocking sun and falling back to earth, may also have been C02 from volcanoes - translated slightly for children!!!)

"Where did you find the bones?" (Bristol Dinosaur - Durdham Down)

"Why are dinosaurs different?"


We also built a life sized jigsaw puzzle of Thecodontosaurus, which was about te size of a dog, but with a really long tail.


This week we invented our own traps for different creatures based on our Talk for Writing text 'How to trap a Dinosaur'. Some amazing traps were created and labelled by the children. We look forward to showig them to you during our Edison afternoon next Wednesday


Enjoy the weekend


Mr H


Week beginning 26.01.14


I am really proud of Lime Class this week. I have noticed a real improvement in their handwriting and they have written some fantastic sentences beginning with I/He/She can... remembering to use a capital letter and full-stop. In 'Talk for Writing' we have innovated our text map for 'How to trap a Dinosaur' and looked at how to trap a bear and other animals using the same format. Key words for this have been 'First, Next, After that and Finally', each with its own hand action.  We have also been writing addition number sentences in Maths, which they have picked up really quickly. We played a game where we rolled two dice to create an addition sentence such as 2 + 3 = 5

We began by using a frame __ +___=___ (putting the first number of dots in a box, getting ready to get some more (+) and then writing the second number of dots in the second box. We then wagged our finger at the dice to symbolise getting ready to count the total (=) then wrote the answer in the final box. As children grew in confidence they were able to record addition sentences independently writing their own + and = symbols without a frame. It is a very simple game that they could show you at home. We have also been revisiting strategies to make adding two groups easier. For example, for 2 + 5, we start with the largest number (5) in our heads and count on the remaining two dots to reach 7. This way counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 becomes 5...6,7. Another game to practise this strategy is 'Wiggly Fingers'. Holding one clenched fist each, partners chant "wiggly, wiggly fingers" in the style of rock, scissors, paper, stone, before showing each other an amount of fingers between 0 and 5. They then decide who has the biggest number and count on from this to find the total. (Please ask your children to play the game with you if I'm not making sense!)

I am also excited to announce that the Bristol Dinosaur Project will be visiting us on Monday! Experts from Bristol University will be talking to children about the Bristol Dinosaur (otherwise known as Codontasaurus). Would be great to have a chat with your child over the weekend about any questions they might like ask about the Bristol Dinosaur, as I am sure they will have some time at the end to ask the experts.

That's all for now

See you Monday - Mr H


Week beginning 19.01.15


This week we have been learning about how palaeontologists excavate dinosaur bones using tools. At snack time we excavated chocolate chips from cookies using wooden kebab skewers to get a bit of practice! We have also been learning how to program a bee-bot in Maths and we have been learning lots of 3D shape names including sphere, cuboid, cube, cylinder, cone, pyramid and triangular prism. If you google 'Danny McAskill - Imaginate' you can find the video we have been watching of a stunt bike rider who jumps over all sorts of 3D shapes. We have been pausing the video for children to spot as many shapes as they can. Why not have a look at home?

We have also been writing speech bubbles for dinosaurs, thinking about the sorts of things they might say if they could talk. We have also designed our own dinosaurs and drawn labelled pictures of them.


Have a great weekend


Mr H

Excavating Chocolate Chips from Cookies

Excavating Chocolate Chips from Cookies 1

Week beginning the 12.01.15


Congratulations to Lime Class for having Attendance Ted in their classroom this week. This was because we had 100% attendance last week, which was better than any other class in the school! Attendance ted has been sat on our radiator, listening to and watching our learning all week.


Here is what Lime class enjoyed most about their learning this week:

"DINOSAURS" they roared

"They've got sharp teeth" "Some dinosaurs did have a name, but scientists gave them a new name!"

"They've got big claws"

They have big feet" "They lived a very long time ago"

We learnt some unusual new dinosaur names like Allosaurus, Apatosaurus to add to our collection of names.


At Forest School we have been making dinosaur traps following reports of eggs hatching in the park!

We have started our new 'Talk for Writing' text which is non-fiction this term. We are learning a set of instructions for how to trap a dinosaur. I will attach a copy of the text map, so that children can practise reading it at home.


Just a little reminder to make sure your child has warm clothes, gloves and a hat for for next Friday as the temperature is dropping at Forest School.


Take care and have a good weekend


Mr H


Picture 1
Picture 2

Week beginning 5.01.15


Happy New Year,


Welcome back to Lime Class everyone. This week we have launched our new dinosaur topic, which is proving very popular with the children! The children have already taught me lots of new things about dinosaurs and as a topic it really lends itself well to encouraging children to lead their own learning. When I first asked the children what they wanted to find out about dinosaurs, they found it really hard to ask questions as they were so keen to share what they already knew. We had a good think about what we didn't know about dinosaurs and some amazing questioning began to emerge. For example, one child asked "Why do some dinosaurs eat meat and others eat vegetables?"

If you have time this weekend, or at any point during the topic ask your child to have a think about a question they would like to ask about dinosaurs or a particular species of dinosaur. Help them research their question using books, the internet or your own knowledge (if you are a dino expert!). It would be great to write down their question and then what they found out so that they could share the information with the class and add it to our display. They could draw a picture to go with it.

We have begun to learn some popular dinosaur names in class and these can be found in the useful documents section of this class page. Underneath it there is also a dinosaur song video.

In Literacy this week we have been learnt the 2 letter sounds 'ai' (snail in the rain) and 'ee' (what can you see?) We have also played some phonic games, blending sounds in words and reading captions to match with pictures. In maths we have been ordering objects by height and length. The children explored the classroom to find 3 objects to place in order from shortest to longest and from shortest to tallest. Why not try this at home too?

Have a wonderful weekend

Mr Hewett


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