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Term 3

Week 5


Thank you so much for all the fabulous homework we have had the pleasure to share.  The creative ideas are wonderful.  It's also lovely to hear your positive thoughts about the variety of homework available.


In our final week, we have enjoyed our first Maths Day in Key Stage 1.  We had the chance to explore different aspects of Maths with Miss Dudding, Miss Barer, Miss Bendon and in our own class.


Thank you also for coming to share our learning with us on Tuesday, it was wonderful to see so many parents and Grandparents.  We hope the beautiful Anansi webs are hanging up in a pride of place at home.


Thank you also to Enzo's mum, for coming to in to help us conduct a scientific investigation. We created boats out of tin foil and had the challenge of creating a design that would hold the most marbles.  The winning number was 40!!! 


We finished of our week and term with a class party to celebrate achieving our class reward.  We had a lovely time dancing, playing party games and eating popcorn.


Have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 16th February

Week 5

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Week 4
Thank you for all the fabulous home work coming in, especially all the original clocks.   We decided to call this week "sentence week" as we have had a big focus on saying a sentence before writing so that it makes sense and remembering to use punctuation.To practice this the children wrote the stories they changed last week. In RE we thought about all the things people do to improve our world. The children worked in pairs to make hospitals,books,space rockets,houses,computers and the London Eye. In maths we continued to explore making number bonds. Each child had an alien spider (play dough) and the had eight legs they explored all the different ways they could arrange the legs and then they recorded in a number sentence.We also use peg boards and numicon to explore making number bonds.We have been busy singing our African song in music and we are looking forward to performing it at our Curriculum afternoon on Tuesday. 
Picture 1 Every clock is different!
Picture 2
Picture 3 Things people have made that improve our world
Picture 4 ASDA
Picture 5 Space rockets
Picture 6 museums
Picture 7 dolls and toys
Picture 8 books
Picture 9 The London Eye
Picture 10 farmers growing food
Picture 11 hospitals
Picture 12 rockets
Picture 13 Making number bonds to 10
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Picture 16

Week 3

This week we are continuing to focus on Anansi. We designed and made boats for him to sail across the ocean and tell his stories to the people of the world. We then tested them in a large tank of water, unfortunately some capsized but we were not disheartened because we thought about how we could improve them next time.

In literacy we have changed our story, each child thought of a test of strength that would prove Anansi was the strongest. Some of the ideas were wrestling matches,gymnastic competitions, running  races and football matches.

In maths we have been using bead strings to help us find number bonds to 5,6,7,8,and 9.

In RE we thought about all the things people do to harm our world, the children had ideas like pollution,litter,hunting and war. We  drew these in black and white using art pencils. Then we thought about what people can do to help make the world better and we drew these ideas on the back in colour.

Another highlight of the week was Rafa performing a story from Brazil.

Picture 1 Boats for Anansi
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Picture 1 Making boats for Anansi
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Picture 13
Picture 14 Rafa telling the class a story from Brazil
Picture 15

Week 2


This week we have been continuing to learn our story - Anansi and the Tug of War. We have thought about questions we would ask the characters in the story and how they might answer them.  We used microphones to pretend we were reporters reporting on the events.  It was great fun, changing our voices and body language to reflect on what we were saying.


In Maths we have started to count in 2s.  This is something we will continue to practice next week, but you could help us at home.


We enjoyed a day being explorers and learning about animals, particularly birds and mammals. We learnt about the features of these types of animals, as well as the names given to the different type of eaters: herbivore; omnivore and carnivore.


In music we created our own instruments, inspired by some African instruments.  We played them along to the song Jambo, which we were learning last week.




Week 2

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Week 1


Happy New Year!


We have enjoyed our first week back at school and have experienced lots of fun things.


One of the highlights was going to the theatre to watch The Light Princess.  Despite there being some dark moments, we all enjoyed it.  Mrs Slinn missed out on our theatre trip, so we reviewed the show for her the next day. We even made microphones to help us speak clearly about our opinions on the show.


We've also be lucky enough to have an author called Jaz come to visit us. She brought her story Amazing Animals to read.  It's such a great, loud, fun story.  


We've been learning to tell the time this week (o'clock and half past) and have done incredibly well.  So put us to the test and let us show you how good we are.


Our topic this term is Stories from Around the World.  We've begun this by reading Anansi stories.  Anansi is a Carribean spider who is a real 'trickster'! we love his stories, and are learning one for our Talk For Writing.


Mrs Kempt, Oscar's mum has kindly offered to come in each week to do some music with us. today we listened to an African song and begun learning the words. The song is called Jambo Bwana.  You can find the video online.


Have a lovely weekend.

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