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Term 3

In Literacy we have been writing newspaper reports about our trip to Cadbury world.


In Science we have learning about how to measure the temperature. 


In computing we have been making our own music using Isle of Tune where we had to put roads down and put objects like trees and bushes beside the road. When the car went past the things they made different sounds. 


In Art we have been finishing up our parrot collages and in PE we have been playing human alphabet and coach Alex wrote a letter on the board and we had to try and make it in our groups of three. 

Week Beginning 


On Friday we went to Cadbury World. We got to eat chocolate and we went to this room where there was this lady who talked about Fairtrade. Fairtrade is where farmers grow something and they need to be paid the right amount of money so they can grow and sell more. We learnt how to make chocolate and how they ate in the past - they used to drink it. We went into a cinema where they told us how they made the chocolate and the chairs did different things so it felt like we were the coco beans. 

Week Beginning 18th January


In Maths we have been learning about adding and subtracting fractions, as well as finding equivalent fractions. Equivalent fractions are two fractions that are the same amount.  


In English we have been learning about what an audio guide is, which is when you look and something and listen to information about it in more detail. We have also been persuading Charlie to spend his 50p in different. We debated about whether he should spend it selfishly or in a caring way. 


In Topic we had a workshop where we made our own show called Charlie's Chocolate Factory. It was set after the book when Charlie had taken over the chocolate factory. It was fun because some of us played different parts. It was funny because we had to do different scenes.

In Maths we have been learning about fractions and how to put them on a number line. We worked with 4 Hazel, there were 2 people from 4 Hazel and 4 Larch and we had to do the fraction on the piece of paper, showing it in different ways.


In Topic we have been looking at the Aztecs. We thought about what a era in history was, we write about the eras and then put them together to make a timeline.


In PE were making poster about our dance groups. We have been making collages in art, we were creating a hawk head parrot. 


In English we have been writing about how own characters found the golden ticket.

Week Beginning 4th January


In English we have been writing about what we know about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have read the beginning of the book and have found out that Charlie Buckett is poor and lives in a small house on the edge of a great big city. He loves chocolate!


In maths we have been learning about dividing using the written method. We have also looked at word problems.


In PE we have been doing dance routines to the song firework. 


We were learning about our new topic on chocolate. We had a chocolate taste test between white, milk and dark chocolate. 

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