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Term 3

Things you need to know letter - Term 3

Curriculum Map Term 3

We have had a busy week with a fantastic Frozen-themed curriculum afternoon on Wednesday then we have been exploring some aspects of Chinese New Year.  We watched a Dragon Dance and a Lion Dance, learned how a boy in Manchester celebrates Chinese New Year, had a go at writing Chinese Characters, tried a traditional Chinese throwing game, had a race with the 12 animals to get them across the river and award them rosettes.  This is the year of the Monkey. 

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday, see you on Wednesday 17th February.  Gung hay fat choi!

Frozen is now officially over ....

January is a brilliant month for longer nights and shorter days and for some of our lovely children's birthdays .... but I think we are all quite pleased that slightly lighter days are on their way - it's felt very grey hasn't it!  However, if you come to Nursery on Wednesday afternoon 2.30-3.20 pm, it will be warm and cosy and full of colour.  Please come dressed as a character from Frozen, or as a Polar Explorer, penguin or polar bear .... or just come in a nice cuddly onesie!  There will lots to make and do, photos to see and friends to chat to. 

This week we travelled back to the North Pole to see what polar bears get up to!  We found out that they have black skin underneath their white fur and they have sticky pads on the bottom of their paws so they don't fall over on the ice all the time.  They are amazing swimmers and runners.  We explored how long our feet were next to a life-size polar bear's.  Can you find the photo that shows some of us exploring how polar bears roll in the snow? 

Polar Bears in Nursery??

Wow we are nearly through January - and hasn't it been interesting with frost, fog, rain and windy weather!  It's helped us explore Cold Places.  This week we have been learning about penguins at Antarctica and how the boy penguins huddle together to keep warm while the girl penguins go off for a fishing and swimming holiday!  They have thick feathers not fur and although they are birds, they can't fly.  We have tried balancing eggs on our feet (tricky!), painted penguins, waddled and huddled like penguins.  While outside we explored ice and water and practised jumping into our imaginary swimming pool.  Keep warm and dry this weekend! 

Penguin rhymes, Penguin huddles, ice and water

Hello - well this was a busy second week!  Elsa (from Arandelle) sent us ice which had some of her jewels frozen inside it.  She needed our help to try and get them out again.  We also built some ice palaces using blocks and jewels to see if she would like to move here.  We are not sure she will come though.  Mrs Knights began to teach us some words for snow in a Canadian Inuit language.  Here they are: aput means snow on the ground, piqsirpoq means drifting snow and gana means falling snow.  We thought they were pretty and funny words. We can also say "ullaasaqut" which means hello.

We have enjoyed exploring, building, running, digging and keeping warm outside this week.

Exploring Cold!

Exploring Cold! 1
Exploring Cold! 2
Exploring Cold! 3
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1
Picture 2
Welcome back to Term 3 .... we are Frozen!  Come and see our gorgeous ice palace and our table of icy pebbles.  We are learning about different types of snow and how it is made.  We are finding out which animals live in cold places and that lions don't chase wolves because they live a very long way away from each other.  We have made our own Olaf and snow cloud this week too - marshmallows, raisins, carrot, chocolate matchsticks.  Watch out for the cocktail stick holding Olaf together!  Snow clouds are rice cakes with white chocolate crispy pieces.  Here are the pictures. 

Ice Palaces, Olaf and Snow Clouds, Princess Elsa and exploring cold weather outside