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Term 3

Term 3

Welcome back!

This term we are learning all about cold places. We have been making lots of snowy pictures and thinking about what it would be like to live in a cold place.

 We got a letter from Elsa! She asked us if we could make her a Frozen Palace! We had great fun decorating our home corner and making it look icy. Come in and have a look if you haven't seen it already.

Picture 1 Snowy pictures
Picture 2 Do you want to build a snowman?
Picture 3 More snowmen
Picture 4 Drawing snowmen
Picture 5 Writing letters to Elsa
Picture 6 Two snowmen!
Picture 7 Decorating the ice palace
Picture 8 Our ice palace.

Week 2

Elsa sent us some presents this week. Firstly she sent us some ice to play with. We had great fun seeing what it felt like and watching it melt. The next day she had a problem because she had frozen her jewels in the ice by mistake and needed our help to get it out. We had some great ideas and tried putting the ice on the radiator or pouring warm water on it to melt it. We managed to get all the jewels out! To say thank you for helping her on Wednesday she sent us some coloured ice and we made ice palaces with it. We also tried pouring salt and warm water on the ice. It made fantastic shapes and patterns in the ice.

Picture 1 Investigating ice.
Picture 2 Trying to get th ejewels out of the ice.
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 We got the jewels out!
Picture 6 Our hands were cold!
Picture 7 Coloured ice
Picture 8 "I am Princess Elsa!"
Picture 9 We wrote to Elsa
Picture 10 Another Elsa!
Picture 11 Working together to make an ice palace

Week 3

This week Chilly The Penguin came to visit so we found out all about Penguins. We learnt that he came from the South Pole. We made him fish to eat, made him a cold place to lie in and drew him pictures. We took very good care of him!


Picture 1 We made our own penguins
Picture 2 We painted penguins
Picture 3 We counted penguins
Picture 4 We fed him fish
Picture 5 We made a bed full of cold things for him
Picture 6 We found out about dinosaurs in the South Pole

Week 4

This week Snowy the Polar Bear has come to visit and brought some of his friends too! We have been learning all about Polar bears. We found out that they have black skin and white fur. We also found out that they come from the Arctic which is at the top of the world.

Picture 1 Meet the polar bears!
Picture 2 The polar bears are trying to catch some fish!
Picture 3 Making polar bears
Picture 4
Picture 5 The penguins are in a huddle to keep wrm.