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Term 3

Wow here we are at the end of Term 3 - we are half way through our Nursery year!  


We have had a gorgeous week thinking about people we love and why.  We have had fun creating lots of decorations with hearts, chasing heart balloons, counting hearts and making patterns with hearts and petals!  We hope you enjoyed the Curriculum Afternoon; please remember to activate your email so that you can receive your children's learning and photos. 


We are also thrilled that we had the highest attendance in the school last week - so Attendance Ted came to visit us and learn with us this week.  We looked after him really well. 


We wish you happy and safe holidays and remind you to be thankful for everyone you love .... next week especially!  


love from Mrs Knights, Mrs Clarke and Vicky

Week 5 has been all about Chinese New Year.  We have watched a dragon dance and then performed our own under the "scary green cloth" (Molly).  We have made bunting using the colours red and yellow in a repeating pattern, created our own zig zag dragons, tasted prawn crackers, tried using chopsticks to pick up fruit, made red money envelopes and designed an arrangement of Chinese-related objects!!  Phew - we are really tired now.   

We also tried counting in Mandarin - there are lots of you tube clips to help you learn by singing.


Please remember to activate your email so you can receive information about your child's learning - and do respond as we love reading your own comments.


CURRICULUM AFTERNOON for Maple Nursery will be 2.30 pm onwards Wednesday 8th February so please come as there will be lots to do.  


You may like to try cooking a Chinese New Year Dinner this weekend ..... or visit your local restaurant if they are open.   Here's what I will be cooking:

noodles with chicken in a peanut satay sauce

lime and coriander rice with vegetables in a light spicy soy sauce

all served with prawn crackers and chop-sticks!


Gung hay fat choi everyone! 

Week 4 saw Chilly go on an adventure around Antarctica where he had to jump over a crevasse, slide through an ice tunnel, go around an air-hole, and whizz down a frozen slide before finding his huddle again in time for fish!  And he had to avoid the killer whale who was following him.  

We have been learning about different penguins - this week the Macaroni Penguin - with beautiful yellow feathers and large, pink paws.  We also learned that if penguins eat pink krill, their poo is pink too!  

We have played penguin matching snap, tried to catch fish with our beaks (big yellow pegs!) and tried to draw back part of a penguin which had melted!

We have all coped very well without Miss Waters and welcome Vicky who is with us for the next 10 weeks.  She has settled really well and the children are getting to know her.  


Have a lovely weekend, and keep warm.  

Week 3 has been very black and white!   Our friend Chilly has visited us all the way from Antarctica and he was feeling a bit lonely so we made him some friends.  We read a very funny book called "Penguins in the Fridge" and discovered a new interesting habitat (just pretend though!)   We made our own penguins for our Nursery fridge and looked at wings and beaks.

We also discovered that penguins like to eat fish, so practised feeding them to our penguin robot who sometimes gobbled our fingers too!


Sadly we say goodbye to Miss Waters for a short while as she goes to a different school to work with children; but she will be back after Easter when we will all be a bit older and a bit taller!   

Wow it's REALLY cold this week!  We had a slippery slidery kind of day on Friday which was very exciting.  Week 2 has seen us explore Winter and some things that happen in winter:  we wear warm clothes so decorated some hats, mittens and scarves - all on display in our Wow windows.  We also thought about what happens to the birds in winter and made imaginary birds indoors, and bird feeders for the real birds outside to help them survive the cold.  

Miss Waters made us a fabulous outdoor cafe where we served hot chocolate with marshmallows, coffee and tea (just pretend ..... but we loved imagining it and pretend hot chocolate has no calories.  Just as well since I drank 4 of them with 20 marshmallows!)  It was so cold that we drank real hot chocolate in the afternoon to warm us up.

Sadly we say goodbye to Lula today who will be joining a new nursery.  We will miss her.  

Keep warm and dry this weekend everyone.  

Welcome back to Spring Term (I'm thinking ahead and being optimistic).  Happy New Year to everyone, and thank you for all the kind cards and lovely gifts Miss Waters and I received - we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

This term started with a very chilly theme; you might almost say Frozen ......

We have explored cold colours this week but our highlight was the wonderful and utterly charming theatre production of "The Hungry Caterpillar" by DragonBird Company.  It was just beautiful and fun and all of us very completely immersed in the whole experience, so I've put lots of photos so you can enjoy it again at home.