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Term 3

Home Learning Term 3

Year 1 Common Exception Words

Week 5&6


We have had an exciting end to our term!

Last week we spent a whole day being designers and engineers, making boats for Anansi so he can travel the globe telling his stories.  We had to source the right materials and create a design which would hopefully float and give power to the boat using a sail.  We had great fun and great success both making and testing our boats, which we were incredibly proud of.


We continued to measure things, comparing and solving problems.  Please continue to help us to use this knowledge at home. We could measure and compare rooms around the house using footsteps or even a tape measure as an example.


This week we spent a day being Scientist, exploring and investigating Mammals,Reptiles and Birds.  We learnt about what features makes them different and how these features help them to survive. We also create 'Who am I' cards for different animals which was great fun.  Ask us to describe an animal to you and see if you can guess which one we are thinking of.


In literacy we have been making changes to the Wishing story we have been learning, coming up with our own characters and wishes.  We have great imaginations and came up with some wonderful alternatives to the story.


In numeracy we have been solving problems.  We became detectives, looking for clues in the problems - words which helps know if its an adding or subtracting problem; and numbers which we would need to use to find the answer.  We are still learning how to do this well, so please help us at home by asking us question like: 

  • Mummy buys 4 red apples and Daddy buys 3 oranges.  How many much fruit did they buy altogether?
  • Mummy had 10 nappies, but baby sister used 4 of them today, how many nappies are left?


We have enjoyed PE this term, learning to find space, travel in different ways, both on the floor and on equipment.  We've also learnt how to use and carry equipment (like mats and benches) carefully.


Have a lovely half term, keep reading and we will see you on Tuesday 21st February.



Week 3


We have enjoyed listening to Anansi stories this week.  A particular favourite was Anansi and the Tug of War ( We discovered what it's like to have a game of tug of war.  We enjoyed putting all our effort in to pulling our opponent over! We loved this story, especially how Anansi outwitted both Whale and Elephant.  This helped us to really make the story our own when we acted and performed it to our peers.


We've continued to learn how to tell the time. This week we looked at half past times and where the minute and hour hands points during these times.  We also discovered amounts of times: seconds, minutes and hours.  We learnt that there are 60 seconds in 1 minute; 60 minutes in 1 hour; 24 hours in 1 day and 365 days in 1 year! We timed ourselves throughout the day and discovered that we are actually pretty quick at getting our jumpers and shoes one - less than 1 minute!!!! Please continue to give us opportunities to tell and talk about the time at home, as this will help us develop our greater understanding. We will be looking at measure this coming week, starting with length.


In Geography we went on on open top bus ride around the UK!  We visited the capital cities of the four countries: London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, but also popped by some local areas in Bristol to!


In PE we are developing our ability to change direction as well as change our speed of movement.  This is far more trickier then it sounds, as we haven't yet found the slow down switch, particularly when we have been moving quite fast!



Week 2


We've been doing lots of lovely learning this week.  Firstly in Literacy we have been continuing to learn about great storytellers. This week we met a funny, greedy storyteller by the name of Anansi.  Anansi is a very clever, cunning spider who comes from Africa. As we've been learning about the countries of the UK in geography, we decided to send Anansi on a journey to see what stories he would find for us.  He came back from a visit to Nottingham with the heroic tale of Robin Hood. Perfect for our upcoming trip to see the play later in the week.  We really liked this story especially as Robin Hood was helping the poor and fighting 'bad guys'. We were beginning to know the story well and made a short little play of it, although they were good, the Robin Hood play at the theatre was better!

We LOVED the play.  It was funny, musical, exciting, dramatic and romantic!  We were completely absorbed in to the funky uplifting songs and the dramatic fighting scenes.  Rosie, Noah and Daniel even received golden gifts from Robin Hood himself.  Rosie, also had a chance to beat the Sheriff of Nottingham in a sack race. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to beat the cheating Sheriff! 


In Numeracy we have been learning about time.  We learn't about the clock features and the names of the clock hands - minute and hour hand.  Please us by referring to them by these names, rather than big and small hand.We focused on o'clock this week, learning to read and draw clocks for different o'clock time.  Please continue to help us with this at home.  Next week we will be learning to tell half past times.


Our learning about the world focused on the UK this week.  We learnt about the 4 countries of the UK and their locations. We've revised our knowledge of the continents and the oceans to.  Our table of items from around the world is growing, but we are always seeking more interesting objects. So if you have any items from countries abroad or from places in the UK we'd love to see them and promise to take good care of them.


Please can you ensue that your child has a PE kit in school.  Many thanks


Week 1


Welcome back!  We hope you had a lovely festive break.


We kicked of our new year with lots of fun and laughs, thanks to the wonderful humorous Michael Rosen.  We watched him perform two of his poems: Chocolate Cake and Don't.  We really liked how animated he is when he performs and we thought about how we can use what he does to help us to use more expression when we perform things.  We loved his Don't poem, it brought lots of laughs and ideas for creating our own version.  


We have been learning about the days of the week and the months of the year.  We've sang songs to help us remember the order and learnt about weekends being different to week days, as well as how certain months form part of certain seasons.  Please continue to help us at home, as we don't want to forget them!


We've also been travelling the World!! We've learnt about the seven continents that make up our planet as well as the oceans which surround them.  We used our large playground map to travel around these continents.  Test us out you'll be highly surprised at what we know!


Please don't forget to take a look at the home learning sheet above to get ideas of things you can do to continue what we are learning about.


Next Thursday we are of to the theatre.  Please make sure consent forms and payment is brought to school early next week. Thanks

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