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Term 3

Week 6 Term 3 w/b 6.2.17


Today, in Science, we were learning about magnets. We put a magnet on a plastic lid and put this in a tray of water. It floats and points to north and south - we made a magnet! We looked at a globe to see where the north and south poles are.    -   Luka


Today we tested Year 5's shaky hand testers. They were a bit hard but awesome too!   -   Rania put a hook around a wire, if the hook touches the wire it will buzz or a light will come on.  -  Jakin


When we went to Bristol Zoo last week we saw the penguins. They followed around because they thought we had food!  There was a talking parrot which said 'hello'!   -  Sheikidris


In Literacy we have been learning about a book called Jemmy Button. We have writing are our journey stories. - Halle


In Art this week we have been making Window Wonderland pictures. It was really hard because when you tried to put it down the laminating sheet stuck all the pieces of tissue paper like a magnet!   -   Lily



The Year 3 trip to Bristol Zoo

Friday 27th January - Our Science day investigating the force of friction.

w/b 23.1.17


In Literacy we have been learning how to write an advert. My advert was about Victorian fashion.  -  Christvie


Today, in Science, we made ramps and we were testing the effect of friction. We put the cars on the ramp with different materials and measured how far it went.  -  Luka


In PE we have be practising hockey by dribbling.  -  Halle


We have been learning words that use 'y' for 'i' sounds. Like 'cygnet'  and 'pyramid'.   -  Isobel


We had a debate whether Jemmy Button would have a 'richer' life in Victorian London or the island - Ashton


We have been learning about 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols in Maths.  And, that the perimeter of a shape goes 'around the outside, around the outside, around the outside...   -  Dominic



Week 2 Term 3  w/b 9.1.17


This week we have been learning about South America. It has lots of rainforest  -  Rania


Today we have been making posters for our topic work  -  Nojus


...we were putting facts about rainforest animals on posters  -  Isobel


In maths we have been learning column subtraction  -  Nadiya


On Thursday, we had an explorer visit to show us really cool animals. There was a tortoise, a tarantula, a scorpion, a giant millipede and a corn snake  -  Henry


The millipede had 250 legs!   -  Loui-Blue



Our rainforest experience workshop


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back, we hope you had a fantastic Christmas and are gearing up for a great 2017.


We are incredibly excited to announce our topic this term is Let’s go on an Adventure! This is a history and geography based topic exploring South America. For our trip this term we will be visiting Bristol Zoo for a rainforest workshop and chance to explore the zoo. This trip will be on Wednesday 1st February, details will follow early in the term.


Our indoor PE slot this term will be Tuesday or Thursday (alternating each week). We will also continue our weekly swimming slot. The first slot will be on Friday 6th January 2016.


On Tuesday afternoons we will be out of class to do planning and assessment. During this time both classes will be taken by Mrs Miller and Mrs H.


Thank you for all your support,


Meg Dudding and Tom Germain

Learning at home:

Reading Children should bring a book bag to school, so that they can take home letters and reading books. Please ensure that your child is reading for 20 minutes every day. Remember to ask them questions about the text e.g.

  • What words were chosen to show that the characters are happy/ sad?

  • What description has been included that shows the time and place that the story has been set?

  • Would this story work in another period of time?

  • Can you compare the story to another you have read or seen on television?



  • Times tables (x3, x4, x8) - how many tables can you do in given time? Make your own timetable game.
  • Time- children to practise telling the time to nearest 5mins in 24clock. Give them practical problems (E.g. swimming starts in 55 minutes, what time will it start?)
  • Adding, subtracting- practise the formal written methods (column addition and subtraction) and mental method ( break up into hundreds, tens, ones and add parts, use doubling/halving facts, if I know 4+5=9 I know 40+50=90)


  • Learn spellings sent home at parents evening
  • Homophones – how many can you think of, can you apply correctly to a sentence.

Encourage children to write for pleasure (story, diary, letter, an information report on something that interests them.) Get them to check they have used the correct punctuation (full stops, capital letters, inverted commas, commas for a list, paragraphs)

Our learning this term:

Literacy: Our fictional focus for this term will be based on a book called Jemmy Button. We will be exploring the book through the use of drama and illustration. We will use this text to develop our own poetry.


This term we will be learning about: Roman Numerals, continuing to learn formal methods for addition and subtraction and measurement of length and capacity. We will also begin to learn about statistics- interpreting and presenting data using bar charts, pictograms and tables.


We will be learning about forces and magnets. The children will investigate how things move on different surfaces and compare materials that are attracted to magnets.


In art we will be creating our own art work based on Jemmy Button. In DT we will be designing and making our own carnival masks.


In History we will be looking at the timeline of Brazil, from its indigenous people to the introduction of Western civilisation and comparing their culture to that of British culture.


We will be describe and understand key aspects of physical geography in south America and comparing physical and human geography of UK to South America.


Children will be introduced to programming using a variety of different software, detect and solve bugs and create a program to meet a design brief.


In RE we will be asking how people express their beliefs/identity/experience through Hinduism.


Children will be learning how to stay safe, swim and improve their stoke development and confidence in and around the water.


Children will create their own rhythms using traditional samba rhythm.


Children will continue to learn how to greet people and count in Spanish.


Our topic this term is Dreams and Goals. Children will be learning different strategies for improving their own learning and performance.

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