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Term 3

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Week 1









Week 2







right angle


Research it challenge! Explore the use of the golden ratio rectangle in the Ancient Greek Parthenon.


Week 3










Week 4








Week 5














Continue to read every day.


Please bring in any finished books so we can photocopy the spines to reach the height of the Bristol Flyer (we are about a quarter of the way there!)




If you have any photos or stories of experiences at a fairground, please bring them in as our topic for Term 3 is 'The Fairground'.




We will continue to explore forces and also look at electricity. Follow these links for information and activities:






Please practise the 6 times table.


Shape games:


Design your own theme park! Maths Project - refer to link below.




Can you write your own Fairground poem?



This is a nice poem to read, 

Come to the Fairground,and take a ride 
Come see the Carousel, 
and shows on the side. 
"Coconut Shays" and three darts for a pound, 
everyone all falling 
straight to the ground. 
"Fortune Tellers"and Kiss me Quick hats. 
Slides down the Skelter, 
on coconut mats. 
Bumper Cars,Ghost train, and rides to thrill, 
not for the nervous 
because you may become ill. 
Water Rides and Dippers, 
all to give you a scare. 
Everything is here, 
So join the fun at the Fair. 
Toffee Apples,peanuts, 
all kinds of sticky treats. 
Candy Floss,Hamburgers, 
and jelly tot sweets. 
A Rifle Range, 
that will suit your Dad, 
when he gets going, 
he will feel quite the lad. 
Bingo and Arcades, 
for those that want to gamble. 
A Picnic Area, 
for those that want to ramble. 
Gift Shops for presents, 
and postcards to send. 
There's even a pushchair, 
for tiny tots, we,ll lend. 
when they get tired, 
it's off to sleep, it will send 
There's a Bouncy Castle, 
for the tots who want to play, 
and a splash pool, 
when it's a fine day. 
There is a Restaurant, 
for those that want to eat, 
where you can sit down, 
and take the weight of you feet. 
Everything is here, 
for you to have a good day 
but don't blame us, 
if it's raining and Grey. 


Friday 13th January 2017


Dear readers,


This week we have delved further into the London Eye mystery. We have focused on using speech and writing persuasively in English.


In maths we continued to explore angles in the first part of the week, then moved onto shape. We looked at the properties of 3-D shapes in 2-D representations. Next week we will be looking at the properties of rectangles (hence the spellings for week 2!).


In circuits we created our own stations and put on some music for our work out.


In tag rugby we practised passing the ball to each other.


In topic we researched the history of fairgrounds.


In ukuleles we revised the chords.


In Spanish we had a go on Duolingo - a great app for learning a new language!


IN R.E. we thought about our new question: Why are some journeys and places special?


Thanks for reading!

5 Larch.




Friday 6th January 2017


Happy New Year Readers!


We are excited to be back in school.


This week in maths we have started to learn about angles: how to estimate and measure them. Also some children have been revising the properties of 2-D shapes.


In English we have started to read 'The London Eye Mystery' and we are already gripped! We wrote a recount of our morning routines like Ted did in the book.


In science we explored creating circuits and what we need in a circuit for it to work.


In jigsaw we thought about the significance of money and our dreams.


In P.E. we played bench ball and dodge ball.


Thanks for reading!


5 Larch.


Friday 20th January 2017


Dear readers,


This week in maths we have been doing geometry. We have been translating and reflecting shapes.


In Jigsaw we've been making a poster of what job we would like to have in the future.


In English we've been writing our own mystery story, following the similar structure of the London Eye Mystery.


In P.E. we have been learning more about tag rugby and getting fit doing circuit training.


In art we've been using ink and oil pastels to create our first letter of our name, using the style of Ben Eine.


In ukuleles we learnt the chord: E7.


Thanks for reading!


5 Larch.




Friday 27th January 2017


Dear readers,


Another week has flown by!


In maths this week we have been looking at rounding numbers and estimating answers. A weekend challenge is to do some estimating (e.g. how many pasta twists are in the bag? How many people do you estimate are in this supermarket? ...)


In English we have completed writing our own mystery stories and have created a journey map to plot the story of the London Eye Mystery.


In P.E we have continued getting fit doing circuits and we used the tag rugby belts outside.


In jigsaw we thought about different children around the world and what their dreams and goals might be.


In science we created alarm buzzers.


In R.E. we continued exploring our big question: 'Why are some journeys and places special?'


In ukuleles we learnt about the importance of notes and Imogen shared her dad's fantastic painting of Bob Marley!


Thanks for reading!


5 Larch


Friday 3rd February 2017


Dear readers,


On Tuesday 31st January, we went to Weston Pier and there were lots of rides. It was also Yasmine's birthday and it was really fun!


In maths we have been learning about decimal numbers, thinking about tenths, hundredths and thousandths.


In topic we've been learning about fairground rides and designing our own rides.


In English we've been designing our own ghost stories - they are very spooky! We have also been learning about prefixes (de-, un-, re-, dis-, over-). How many words can you find with these prefixes?


In PE we have done circuits and tag rugby.


In science we have started to collect the resources for our shaky hand testers.


In ukuleles we have been learning about pitch. We also learnt D minor.


In RE we consolidated our understanding of the pilgrimage: Hajj.


In art we designed our own silhouette pictures for window wonderland.


Today, we tested our brains on a times table test and spelling test. We all loved the challenge and Miss Cameron was impressed with all the home learning that has been going on.


Thank you for reading!


5 Larch



Design your own theme park maths project