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Term 3

Week beginning Monday 30th January,


In Maths we have been learning about algebraic formula and working out unknown values from the answers provided. Algebra is where we use letters to represent unknown values in an equation. For example 2y mean 2 lots of the unknown value "y".


In Literacy this week, we have been learning about persuasive letters and have been writing one to Miss Price about whether or not she should get a dog, cat, both or neither.


This week we combined Art and Science to make Banksy style stencils of the heart and lungs so we can impress our visitors in Curriculum Afternoon with our knowledge of Science and Bristol.


In Topic, we've been looking at Bristol, finding facts and turning those into a piece of factual writing about our local city.


In PE, we have been doing hockey and circuit training. Hocke focused on us learning how to shoot from a stationary position as well as from a moving dribble.

Week beginning 23/01/17


Things to do at home: Practise times tables, practise spellings, complete revision guides and read through SPAG sheet provided at parents' consultation evening.


In Science this week, we have been learning about how the heart provides our body with oxygen by sending blood to the lungs and then around the body by checking the change in pulse and breathing rate when we exercise. We learned how cells require oxygen to create energy.


In Literacy, we have started looking at the main features of a persuasion text so we can better convince people to come around to our way of thinking. We are using our class text, The Other Side of Truth as context for this.


In Maths, we have been learning how to find the difference between ratio and proportion questions as well as solve those problems. We know to look for the key words "for every" (ratio) and "out of every" (proportion).


In PE, we refined our passing skills and then started working on combining dribbling and passing through a series of drills and games.

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