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Term 3

Week 2 found us exploring the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have been discovering how to grind bones (only pretend - I promise!), climb a beanstalk and act out the story.  We have created beanstalks, towers for the giant and thought about what might be at the top of a beanstalk.  We are learning words to describe height and compare ourselves - who is taller / shorter?  Is the beanstalk taller than all of us when we stand next to it?

We also considered Courage and times when we have had to be brave - some of us said this was when we climbed the beanstalk ladder and jumped off!   


Have a happy weekend - week 3 will be the 3 Little Pigs with lots of building!


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral                                                                                                                    

Welcome to Term 3 where we will be exploring a different story every week, starting with our favourite Gingerbread Man.  


Our focus for learning:

story and rhyme

numbers, counting, shapes, measure words for size, length, capacity

mark making and story telling and writing

using story language eg once upon a time, because, then, next, the end

making things

tidying up!



And what a brilliant start to Term 3!  Thank you for all our gifts and cards and we hope everyone had a very good holiday and feels ready for more learning.  We have discovered lots of energy for chasing the Gingerbread Teachers that is for sure!  We have told the story of the Gingerbread Man while outside and we love running and challenging each other to catch us.  We have been telling our own versions of this story using Story Maps and we have created masks and made our own delicious gingerbread figures.  

Week 2 will be exploring what happens when something special is planted; what might it grow into?


REMEMBER this is the last weekend for applying for your child's place in Reception Class September 2019.  DON'T LEAVE IT ANY LONGER - we can do the application online with you at school, please come and see Mr Williams our Family Link Worker.


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral