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Term 3

Week 6


We've had great fun this week. We've explored maths through lots of exciting investigations; made and tested our boats; investigated the use of different materials; celebrated Chinese New Year and learnt about money!


So the week began with a Maths Day. The children had the chance to go to different classes to learn about a variety of maths.  In Willow Class the children were measuring glasses and their heads, then creating their own glasses using the measurements.  There were some interesting designs created!









We've been continuing to look at our amazing world and this week we thought about some of the wonderful things man has made.  The children chose to either work with a partner or on their own to paint one of the many inspiring creations.





We completed our material topic in Science, by carrying out an investigation for Discovery Dog.  His niece Nora had had a few accidents around the house and he was unsure about which material he should use to clean it up with.  The children made predictions about the materials (foil; napkin; plastic bag; paper bag) and how effective they would be at cleaning up the mess.  They then went on to test each material against their predictions.


Making our boats was great fun.  We used our designs to select the appropriate materials and create the shape that we wanted.  We then went on to test the boats to see if they would float and keep Batty Bat safe and dry for the duration of his journey.  The results were very impressive!










We completed our week celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year.  We've loved learning about the story of the chinese calendar as well as finding out which animal we were born in the year of - Rat or Oxen



Ambitious and Clever.

Hard-working and imaginative.



Born leaders who work hard.

Patient and loyal to their friends.


We found out how the Chinese get ready for the new year and what things they do to celebrate it.  We also made our chinese dragon.


Have an enjoyable half term and see you in a weeks time.





Week 5


We've had an incredible week, having lots of fun!


We started our week, continuing our RE topic about the World.  We've really enjoyed this topic and have been able to apply our own knowledge of events and things that impact on our world.  So this week we thought about how we could take care of our world and make sure it is truly 'loved'.  Some of our ideas were to:

  • recycle more
  • walk, bike or scoot to school and other places
  • turn of the lights when we were not using them
  • plant more trees and make homes for the birds


We have been very creative in literacy, planning and writing our own stories for Anansi.  Anansi visited us and gave us a special gift, a book to put all our stories in.




To help create our own stories, we first became detectives and looked closely at some stories we were familiar with.  Stories such as the Tree Little Pigs, Cinderella and Anansi stories.  We looked for what the problem was in each story and how the problem was solved.  We discovered that all the stories had a beginning, middle and end. We also found out that the problem came in the middle part of the story.



In our numeracy we have been learning about 'capacity and volume'.  We've been learning the terms associated with capacity: full; empty; half full; nearly full/three quarters full; a quarter empty.  We also investigated which containers would have the greatest capacity and which would have the least.  Some of us learnt how to measure volumes of liquids in ml and used this knowledge to work out the capacity of different containers.


Labelling different volumes


Measuring water using ml



Our water fun continued in to our DT project, to design a boat for Batty Bat to sail around the world in.  We investigated which materials would be suitable for Batty's boat, by seeing which floated and which sunk.  We then used this information to draw a labelled design for a boat which we will be making next week.


Hello Batty Bat!





Thank you for all the donations of junk, we now have MORE than enough for our boats!

Maybe you could investigate some other materials at home to see which would float and also to look at the shape of them to see why they float.


Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.




Week 3


We have had an amazing, inspiring week, thanks to the fantastic story teller Afasto. He came to visit us on Tuesday to share his stories from around the world.  His performance of these stories was jaw dropping. He was animated, enthusiastic and highly entertaining.  We took inspiration from him to create our own stories and developed the retelling of them throughout the week.  The children's performances were a true reflection of what they had learnt from Afasto.  Here are some photos of some of their performances:



A video will follow shortly.


Our RE topic this term is about 'Our World' and what makes it special. This week the children have been looking at the amazing things that people have made.  They learnt about the Seven Wonders of the World and used this as inspiration for a piece of work.  They worked with a partner to create a picture using collage material of something a person has made that has amazed them, for example a rocket or building.





Have a wonderful weekend and see you all Monday.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week 2


The children are really enjoying our topic and our Reflection table is brimming with items from around the World which is lovely. The children are welcome to add to the table at any time.


Wonderful collection of objects from around the World


We are continuing to learn about the places in the world and this week we looked at our own continent Europe, the home of the UK. The children have been learning the names of the 4 countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We have looked at their flags and something that is special to each place. The children particularly liked learning about the mythical beast Nessie!


The children have been setting their own learning goals of what they'd like to achieve in Year 1. Here are two, could you child tell you theirs?




We have been developing our counting skills, counting in 2s all the way to 100.  The children have enjoyed doing this with the help of a very funky monkey!

The children have been showing their understanding of multiples of 2 by using and making array's.





We have started to learn our Talk for Writing story - Lila and the Secret of Rain. a story of a young Kenyan girl, whose village, crops and animals are all in need of rain.  The children have helped to create a story map and come up with actions for the story. We have also been acting out the story and expressing our ideas about the thoughts and feelings of Lila.  We will be using the story as inspiration for our own stories in a couple of weeks.


The children being Lila, upset by the Sun


Strong words for the Sun!


This week in ICT the children have be developing their coding skills and will be continue to improve them this week.


Reminder that the Story Teller will be in on Tuesday and we'd be grateful for all payments before then.
















Week 1


Happy New year!

It was a lovely start to the week seeing and hearing the children's exciting stories of Christmas and their holidays - lots of fun, presents and chocolate were had all round.


Our topic this term is Traditional Tales from around the World - a geography themed topic. We started by learning about the 7 continents - North America, Africa, Antartica, South America, Oceania (was Australasia), Europe and Asia and we came up with our own mnemonic to help us remember them: NAughty Adam ANt SAt On Emma's Apple. We also looked at the different types of animals that live on each of these continents.


Locating the 7 continents


Our Reflection table has also been changed to link in to our topic, so it is now home to objects from different countries. We'd like to add more objects from countries around the world, so if you have any for our table we'd be very grateful and will take great care of them.


Stories from around the world are going to play a big part in our Literacy this term. This week we have been listening to Anansi stories. These are wonderful stories which we have loved. Anansi is a very wise spider, although sometimes foolish and his tales often have moral meanings within them. The stories come from the Carribean, although they did originated from Ghana. The children have listened to the stories, come up with their own questions based on the stories they have heard and done some drama.

For one of the stories - Anansi and the Tiger Story, Anansi was challenged to capture snake alive in order to have all stories named after him. The children considered the thoughts and feelings of each of the main characters in the story, then they thought about the reactions of the other animals in the forest to Anansi's challenge and the things that they might have said to Anansi:

'You will be eaten alive!'

'Ha ha, you have got no chance against snake!'

'Anansi, don't do it'

The children formed a 'Conscience Alley' where Anansi walked down listening to the opinions of the other creatures. This was a great way for the children to get in to character and think about the reactions of the animals based on what they had heard in the story.


Discussing what thoughts and feelings Snake would have had.


Anansi's Conscience Alley


We have been incredibly impressed with all the children's counting this week, as we explored counting in 10s. The children were able to count forwards and backwards, then they applied their understanding to grouping ojects in to 10s. They worked in pairs to each grab a handful of objects, which they then put in to groups of ten, before counting the total.  Fantastic work!


Carefully putting the objects in to groups of 10.



We completed our week using the netbooks.  We will be teaching the children to become independent users of the netbooks - loging on, selecting icons and navigating through different programmes. The children applied these steps to locate a maths based game on a pre-selected website (


Have a restful weekend and we'll see you on Monday.