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Term 4

Week 5

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Monday 23rd March-Friday 27th March

'We have made Easter cards for our families. We drew a chick that pops out of the egg!' Kinga

'We made Easter nests yesterday and put mini eggs on the top of the nest.' Dominic

'This week in maths we have been measursing using rulers and meter sticks.' Nojus

'In Literacy this week we have been putting the prefix 'un' at the front of words.' Lily

'In literacy we learnt about Tricky Ed. He is the 'ed' sound at the end of words but makes different sounds in some words so thats why he is tricky!!' Ggiven

'In phonics we learnt a new sound 'au' and ' oe'. Lily, Noor

'We were throwing beanbags in the playground then we measured how far by using our feet.' Luka

'Yesterday for Easter we also made bunnies out of paper plates.' Louis

'For Curriculum afternoon we told the parents about the life of Van Gogh and then painted sunflowers.' Annabelle


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Monday 16th March-Friday 20th March

'We have been discovering a mystery to do with out Van Gogh painting. There were messages left on the picture and more drawings on the painting! Very strange!' Giulia

'We wore glasses to go outside and see the solar eclipse. It was dark and the moon was very white and infront of the sun. ' Luka

'We have been learning about doubling numbers.' Halle

'In maths today we have been adding 3 numbers like £3+4+3. We have been using our doubling to help us work it out quickly.' Nojus

'In literacy we have been writing our own poems based on Michael Rosen.' Freddie

' In RE this week we learnt about the Bible and we learnt about how christians believe the world was created.' Lily

'In phonics this week we have learnt; ph, wh, ew,ue.' Louis

'In PE we have been learning to dribble in basket ball. ' Maeve

Monday 9th March- Friday 13th March

'Yesterday a story teller came in to tell us stories. He told us lots of different stories and we all joined in with him!'Ashton, Badriya

'On Monday morning we noticed a criminal had been into our class and destroyed our million pound painting and this week we have been writing newspapers all about it.' Christvie

'Today it is Red Nose Day so we have painted our faces to raise money for charity.' Zakaria

'In maths we have been doing inverses. We used red noses today and wrote number sentences like 5+4=9 and 9-4=5.' Louis

'In literacy we wrote our favourite story that the story teller told.' Lily

'In art we drew and have painted Van Goghs Sunflowers.' Nadiya


Week 3

Week 3 1 Learning about newspapers
Week 3 2 Van Gogh paintings
Week 3 3
Week 3 4
Week 3 5
Week 3 6
Week 3 7 News reporting about the incident
Week 3 8
Week 3 9
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Week 3 11
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Week 3 14
Week 3 15 What we can do to show compassion
Week 3 16
Week 3 17
Week 3 18 Red Nose Day
Week 3 19
Week 3 20
Picture 1 The Van Gogh Picture has been graffitied.
Picture 2 The mess that was left.
Picture 3 The open window we think might be a clue.



Look what happened to our Van Gogh Painting over the weekend.


We are looking after this very expensive painting for the Art Gallery but over the weekend something terrible has happened.


We have taken photos and written down all the evidence so we can tell the police.


Look out for our news reports to find out more...

Monday 2nd March- Friday 6th March

' We have practising our talk for writing about the life of Vincent Van Gogh and today we wrote another page for our book using our story maps.' Jakin and Louis

' In our RE this week we have been learning about Hinduism.' Lily

'Today we made a Hindu Shrine in our classroom as we were leanring about how Hindus worship.' Joby

'We keep practising our handwriting then we do another activitiy.' Dilan

'We have been learning about Van Goghs Chair. We drew and painted the chair then talked and wrote about what we would put on a chair. We thought about the important things in our lives.'Maeve

'We are making a book about Van Gogh.' Freddie

' In Maths we have been learning about full turns, half turns and quarter turns. We have also started looking at half of a shape and number.' Louis

'For World Book Day we rolled story dice and then made up our own stories.' Eve

'We all dressed up as our favourite story characters for World Book Day.' Kai


Week 2

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Monday 23rd February-Friday 27th February


'On Monday we recieved a self portrait from the Art Gallery. They told us it was a very famous painting and we had to look after it as it costs alot of money. We didn't know anything about it so we did some research at home. We found out the painting was of Vincent Van Gogh and that he had also painted it.' Wilf, Eve, Louis, Lily


'On Monday we went to a workshop about E-safety.' Maeve, Nadiya


'We painted Van Gogh portraits.' Sheikidris


'In maths we have been learning to tell the time on the clock to o'clock and half past.' Louis


' Yesterday we went to a workshop about Vincent Van Gogh.' Ashton


'We have learnt some time words that are now up on our maths wall.' Ggiven


' We are making an information book about Vincent Van Gogh.' Freddie



Week 1

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