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Term 4

Week 5


Well what an exciting week we have had.  It's been all go!!!


On Monday we were victims of a crime - someone had stolen our precious Van Gogh painting from our classroom.  We were shocked to hear of its disappearance and to see the trail of evidence that was left behind.  Thankfully we had the help of the local PCO's who came in to examine the crime scene and question us.  They also shared some of their detective techniques and taught us what to look out for.  They left us with some evidence bags, so that we could continue our hunt for clues!


The excitement continued on in to our week when we had the pleasure of sharing all that we have learnt and done through our Van Gogh. It was lovely to share our beautiful Van Gogh books with our parents and carers, as well as make our own sunflowers together.  We hope you enjoyed sharing our learning with us to.


We topped of our week with a great achievement - running/walking 1 mile.  It was great fun to do this alongside our fellow classmates.  For some of us running was what we enjoyed, for others it was walking and running around together with a friend, but at the end we all enjoyed conquering a 1 mile circuit around our school playground.


Week 4


We are still being inspired by Van Gogh's work!!


This week we have recreated two of his famous paintings - The Chair and Starry Night.  Painting the chair was more difficult because we were trying to make our work look 3-D.  We also followed some step-by-step instructions for recreating Starry Night.  We hope you'll be able to share our wonderful art work with us next Thursday during our Curriculum afternoon.


Following on from painting Starry Night, we wrote our own set of instruction for others to follow.  We also continued to learn about Rosa Parks, following on from last week.  This week we acted out the bus scene and then wrote a short biography all about her.


In numeracy we have been learning about 3-D shapes.  We have been trying to create them using plastercine, carefully looking at the features and trying to make are shapes similar.  We've also been shape spotting.  We are amazed at how many 3D shapes there are around us.


In PSHE, we have continued to learn how to keep ourselves fit and healthy.  This week, we looked at the things we would need to keep ourselves clean, as well as things we might find around the house that our parents might use to keep the house free of germs.  We thought about which things would be dangerous and the best places in the house to keep them safe. 

Week 3

This week has been packed full of great learning!


World Book Day, was one of our great highlights. We looked amazing in our book character outfits.  For one day and one day only, we could be a new person.  Horrid Henry, particularly played his role well, leaving numerous nasty surprises on the teachers chair!!!!


We have been learning all about 'take away' in numeracy.  We know that sometimes other words can be used instead of take away, such as difference; fewer; less; subtract.  We've been using resources to help us create number problems, then from this we have been able to write matching number sentences.  As a challenge on from this, we have been exploring how we would solve a number problem if there was a clue missing. For example: 12 - ? = 6 or ? - 7 = 8.  This was quite tricky but we are beginning to see the connection between the two numbers that are left. If you could continue to help us at home by given us similar problems to solve.


We have been putting are drawing skills in to great use this week, creating a beautiful piece of art for our beloved Mothers. We hope you love them.  As well as this, we have been recreating Van Gogh's painting of the chair.  This has been quite challenging because we need to make our drawing 3-dimensional.  Next week we will use paints to give more texture and depth to our drawings.


In RE with have continued our learning about the Christian version of creation, by learning one of their hymns: What the Lord Creates.  Having learnt this song, we then went of in small groups to create new verses to add to it, thinking about what God did on each of the seven days.


In muisc, we have been learning the difference between Pulse and Rhythm.  We discovered that pulse is like the ticking of a clock.  We also learnt how to create short 4 beat rhythms, using 1 and 2 syllable words (bee and spider), putting them together and repeating.  Ask us to show you at home.  Maybe you could also help us to find other one and two syllable words to create a different rhythm.


On Wednesday we said goodbye to Mrs Day.  She is going to work in a Nursery, an environment she has longed to return to.  We have loved having her in our class and are grateful for all the things she has done to help is with our learning. Mrs Day was very kind to give us two new games for us to play.


We welcomed Miss Taylor to our class. She has previous experience in school, having worked in Year 3 towards the end of last year.  Please do come and say hello and introduce yourself to her.




Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers. We hope you have a lovely day on Sunday.

Week 1


Welcome back!

We have had a wonderful start to the term, thanks to the arrival of a very important, famous painting!  We have been fortunate enough to receive a special gift from an art gallery. A portrait painting of Vincent Van Gogh.  They have sent it to us so that we can learn more about art and this particular artist.  It currently has pride of place on our topic board.

As we didn't first know who the artist was, we explored what we could see in the painting. We thought about who may have painted it, where the painting took place and how the person having their portrait painted felt.

Ms McNab and Mrs Slinn were overwhelmed at how enthusiastically we worked to discover the artist behind the painting - Vincent Van Gogh.  Once we knew that we could start to piece together the history of his life. Well he did live a very long time ago.

The colour character of Van Gogh has us all intrigued and keen to find out and learn more. So please help us with any information you have that could help us.


In numeracy we have been exploring weight. We have compared the weight of objects based on our knowledge as well as used scales to compare a few objects.


This term in PSHE we are learning about what it means to be healthy.  This week we thought about the right foods we should eat and why. We also thought about the choices we make like walknig or watching TV and how that can have an impact on our health.


In music we are thinking about the seasons and the sort of sounds we might hear during them. We also thought about how some sounds are special to a particulary season, like crunching leaves in Autumn. We created sound boards in groups. We will be using these when we are composing music later in the term.


New homework menu have been sent out and we look forward to sharing these throughout the term.



Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival

Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 1
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 2
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 3
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 4
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 5
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 6
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 7
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 8
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 9
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 10
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 11
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 12
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 13
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 14
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 15
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 16
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 17
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 18
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 19
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 20
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 21
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 22
Week 1 - Vincent Van Gogh's arrival 23

Week 2


This week we have begun composing a class biography about the life of Vincent Van Gogh. We are using Talk For Writing to help us.


We have also started to look at the some of his paintings. This week we focussed on the famous 'Sunflowers'. We looked at the colours he chose to use and have begun to paint in the same style as him.


In maths, we have been finding a half and quarter of a shape, as well as finding half of a number.  We are pretty good, but you can continue to help use by using the language of half and quarter, so that we become more familiar with it in different contents.


In music we have focussed on one of the seasons - Spring and we have come up with a short rhythm based on two or three of the sounds on our sound board.