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Term 4

Week 6 ...... back to eggs, but this time exploring Easter and eggs!

We have heard the story of Easter from the Christian Bible and explored what it might be like to ride a donkey with everyone cheering you and then be in a cave grave. (built using wooden blocks and fabric outside.)  Everyone has remembered that Christians believe Jesus died and then came back to life. 


The children have made Easter cakes and baskets and counted and made patterns with eggs.

Now we are ready for a good rest!


See you on Wednesday 24th April in Forest School Kit.  


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral 

Week 5 - all about fossils.  We are using words such as extinct, died out, not alive today.  We know that we look for bones and skeletons.  We have been exploring how to be Paleontologists and carefully using brushes and small tools to uncover these treasures from the past.  We have had to practise perseverance and concentration as we used thin sharp sticks to dig out chocolate chips from cookies - this challenge really tested our attention to detail as Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral said they would eat every cookie that had chips left in it!  We arranged resources in skeleton shapes and held real sharks' teeth.


We have also been looking at germs and being very good at washing our hands before eating. 


It was lovely to catch up with you all at our meetings.


This is the last week of our Dinosaur theme; next week is all about Easter and in Term 5 we will be considering what's around Bristol under the theme of 'Our Sustainable City'.


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral 

Week 4 - looking at the Peteinosaurus and making our own dinosaurs with their special features using clay which was quite a challenge for little fingers.  Have a look at our Wondrous Dinosaurium in Nursery.  

We are really interested in measure words - we are using tape measures to find things that are longer and shorter than a dinosaur foot - it's very interesting what we can find!  

See if you can find the photo of us being a Diplodocus tail and all moving together.  (The clue is that we are outside!)


In Forest School we found some little dinosaurs hatching from ice eggs and then we had the job of collecting them all and creating houses for them.  Our mischievous dinosaurs kept disappearing.....


Lots of us aren't feeling very well this week, so get lots of rest and drink plenty of water because as Reuben reminded us all "water makes your thirst go away!"   We hope everyone feels better soon.


Remember to come and see us on THURSDAY 28th March for Parents Evening if you are Maple Nursery.  

Next week's learning will be about what happened to dinosaurs and how we can find out about them now, even though they aren't alive today.


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral

And Week 3 may have been even busier!  At last we have focussed on learning about the Tyrannosaurus Rex - long-anticipated by children and their Nursery grown-ups ....

We have practised drawing zig zags and creating sharp conical teeth.  We have definitely perfected the fiercest roar.

Have a look at the new displays in the corridor and on our WOW windows.  


We learned a little bit about Red Nose Day and why we bring money.  Mrs Knights tried to give everyone a drink of very dirty water, but no one wanted this and we discovered that some of the money we give can help other children to have clean water to drink.  


We had another brilliant Forest School Session - the wind was very gentle in the woodland part and we had a lovely time exploring mud, how to balance on tree trunks and how to find a good tree for starting to climb.  Thank you all our extra helpers!


Next week we are really turning our attention to patterns - finding and making, and will be looking at the Peteinosaur - a winged reptile around at the same time as dinosaurs.  The Peteinosaurus is not a dinosaur, but an early type of Pterodactyl.


Have a wild and windy weekend,  Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral 

Week 2 has been very very busy!


We started Forest School and had a wonderful time exploring mud and the outdoors together.  We created a beautiful collage on the ground with resources we found (not picked from trees or living things!) and practised swinging and holding from a strong tree branch.  Look how brilliant we are at queueing - the children organised themselves for turn taking.


FOREST SCHOOL IS EVERY WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON unless the winds are too fierce.  

Kit:  joggers, t-shirt and fleece top, wellingtons.  Nursery provides waterproof trousers and jackets although if you have your own, please wear that if you prefer. 


Thursday was World Book Day - look out for the tokens coming home.  We looked fabulous dressed up together and shared lots of stories, including books brought from home.  The Bedtime Story was very exciting because we went home then came back to Nursery in our pyjamas!  Our favourite story was Dinosaur Rumpus.


Friday brought a life-size stegosaurus plate into Nursery and we learned that it has blood vessels that make the plate change colour if the dinosaur gets hot or cold.  Did you know that the 4 spikes on the end of the stegosaurus tail are called thagomizers?  Or that the stegosaurus brain is about the size of a tangerine?  Our brains are about the size of a Galia Melon!


Please talk about things that are the same / different and similar at home.  We are learning to sort and group things.


Have a lovely weekend - Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral are going to have a good rest!

This week we discovered a nest of eggs which seemed unusually large ......

Dinosaurs have hatched everywhere in Nursery.  We have designed eggs, printed patterns and taken dinosaurs just about everywhere.

How about practising dinosaur moves?  swoop, thud, trudge, crash, run, munch.

On Friday we had a lovely morning celebrating 1st March as St David's Day and made Welsh Love Spoons with different symbols:

bird - we will travel together

keyhole - I will take care of you

padlock - I will look after you

heart - love

flower - love will blossom and grow


Thank you if you were able to stay.


Next week is Stegosaurus week.

World Book Day on Thursday 7th March - dress up as a book character and design a bookmark to enter into the school competition!


Have a rooaaring weekend,


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral



Welcome to Term 4 and FINALLY finally we are going to explore a whole theme around Dinosaurs, under the title "A Moment in Time".

We have a lovely series of questions to discover:


how are dinosaurs born?

where do they live and what do they eat?

what do they do all day?

would they make a good pet?

what happened to them?


We hope you all enjoy this project.  If you know any apps and programs for ipad and computer, please let us know.  If you are an expert or a paleontologist or a geologist how about sharing your knowledge?