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Term 4

What a busy time we have been having!

At the start of term we found some strange eggs in our playground! At first we weren't sure what was going to hatch out of them but we soon discovered they were dinosaur eggs!

The eggs hatched and we kept looking for clues to see if we could find where they had gone to. Some of us found footprints and others thought they heard the dinosaurs roaring!

We learnt all about the different sorts of dinosaurs and even had a visit from Stanley Stegosaurus! Luckily he eats plants so we weren't in danger!

We have done some research using the computer and books and have read some lovely stories.

We read the Wondrous Dinosarium and made our own Dinosaurium by making lots of dinosaurs with clay. All our dinosaurs had different features. Some had feathers, some long legs for running fast and others had sharp teeth!

Come and have a look at our Dinosaurium!

Welcome back to Term 4.

This term we are in for some exciting visitors! 

Our topic is Dinosaurs!

We shall we learning all about the dinosaurs, when they lived ( no, I don't remember them!), what they ate and all the different types.

You can help your child at home by having a look a dinosaur books, both fiction and non-fiction or finding out interesting facts about dinosaurs using the computer or books.

I think we maybe finding some unusual looking eggs on our return to Nursery. I wonder what will hatch out of them.......?