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Term 4

Letter to Miss Price from 4 Hazel whilst she was on Year 6 camp:


Dear Miss Price,

Monday 14th March

We have had a big, busy day. Everyone was working like buzzing bees! In the morning, we met Miss Porter and she is amazing so we behaved really well, as we are supposed to! Some of us had a little bit of a struggle trying to tell the time in maths. In our independent write, we wrote descriptive language about images from our trip. 

After lunch, we got the netbooks out and went on a website to learn about creating websites step by step. We all did really well!

          Everyone misses you already – but there is a lot more tea left in the PPA room than usual!

Tuesday 15th March

Today we had a fantastic day with Miss Porter. Thankfully, we felt more comfortable with telling the time than yesterday. Sadly, however, Mrs Lane was not here because she was ill. After play, we started planning our own verse of From a Railway Carriage. Some of us found it difficult to think of rhymes.

In the afternoon, we learned a little bit more about trains and how they changed Britain. Did you know that George Stephenson is pictured on the £5 note?

Everyone is still missing you – please try not to get eaten by bears!

Wednesday 16th March

In the morning we did English and we were writing our own verse of From a Railway Carriage which was eight lines long. Everybody got on brilliantly – we think you’ll be impressed! After break, we carried on learning to tell the time. We were set different tasks and now almost everyone is feeling confident. Before lunch, we made our own Commonwealth flags.

When we got back from lunch break, we did PE which was fun because we played a game a bit like Cars and Bikes. After PE, we did ICT and it was a disaster! The reason for this was that none of us (even Miss Porter and Miss Gully) could make the image link work. However, it was a short-lived disaster – we left it for you to do next week…

Make sure you come back in one piece please!


Thursday 17th March

We are writing this just after lunch today as we have Curriculum Afternoon later, so we may be too busy.

          This morning, in English, we published our poetry From a Railway Carriage. They all look fantastic so we would like to display them on the wall, if you would like to. In maths, some of us got to play a time game on the netbooks whilst others attempted the Super Hard Maths Challenge!

Now we have to go because the parents will be arriving soon – we can’t wait!


We all miss you!

4 Hazel




 On Friday 4 Hazel went on a train trip from Bristol temple meads to Avon mouth and back . It took us 2 hours to get there and back.


In maths we have been learning about shapes and lines of symmetry.


In English we have been planning to write another verse for the poem we also have been learning about called From a railway carriage. 


Written by Ben and Layla

Week beginning 29th February


This week in 4 hazel we have been learning about poems and a visitor came to talk about his job as being a auther.


In English we have been learning about the 'railway children'. It 's our talk for writing. We were also writing our own poems about what's inside ourselves and we were publishing it into a class book for us to read along with a another poem called ' be very afraid' and we write about what happens at night in the class.  


In Topic we have been learning about packaging and another visitor came to visit to talk about his company that make packages. we have practiced making our wrappers for our chocolate.


In Maths we have been learning about translations on shapes and how we move them.


In Art we have been drawing pictures on our books that we bought from the library with our 50p.

On Thursday it was World book day and we were all dressed up for the whole day.


                                        Written by Trixel and Daniel





Trying our handmade chocolate

Visit from Mr Taylor - poet


Week beginning 22nd February

In math we have been learning about shapes, 2D shapes, lines of symmetry, irregular and regular.

In English we have been learning about a story called The Railway Children. We had to plan and write our own story.

On Friday Logan`s dad came in to our class and talked to us about his job. He is a graphic designer and helped us to design a secret cover for something!


By Edward and Rayyan

Week beginning 15.02.16


In topic we have been learning about the Aztecs .We taught the class about the themes we picked which were, Laws and Punishment, Children Education and many more. We are also learning about Aztec sun gods.


We are making are own chocolates with many, many toppings like, marshmellows , malteasers, digistives, honeycomb and lots more.


In English ,we have been learning about metaphors. We were trying to guess which one was the simile and what was the metaphor. A metaphor is a word that describes something that is not that object.


In maths we have been finding out about geometric shapes. On Thursday we had a treasure hunt to find clues about the shapes.


Written by Emma and Joey