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Term 4

Week 5

The Gingerbread Man ran away this week! We looked everywhere but  couldn't find him anywhere. We think that the naughty Fox may have eaten him! We decided we should make some Gingerbread men. We kept a very close eye on them until we took them home to eat. They were delicious!

Picture 1 The Gingerbread Man got a lift on the foxes back.
Picture 2 We made gingerbread playdough
Picture 3 Mixing up the gingerbread
Picture 4
Picture 5 Rolling out the dough
Picture 6 Cutting out the gingerbread men.

Week 4 

This week it was the Three Little Pigs that needed our help. The Big Bad Wolf kept blowing down their houses. They wanted us to build them a new house. We made them houses from sticks, straw and bricks. We wanted to find out what the best material for their new house would be. We didn't want the Big Bad Wolf to blow it down again. We tested different materials by blowing them with a hair drier. We found that the straw was blown right away but the bricks didn't even move so we thought that bricks would be best for their new house.

Picture 1 The Three Littel Pigs
Picture 2
Picture 3 A house of straw
Picture 4 A house of sticks
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Week 3

On Monday morning we discovered that someone had stolen Ms Loosley's porridge. We thought it might have been Goldilocks. We heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We made some more porridge and added honey and raisins. It was delicious!

We also made the baby bear a new chair and a new bed.

Picture 1 Making more porridge for the bears.
Picture 2 A new chair
Picture 3
Picture 4 A new bed
Picture 5 we made posters to warn everyone about Goldilocks!
Picture 6 Making porridge.

Week 2

After helping Humpty last week the Three Billy Goats Gruff wanted our help. They wanted to get across the bridge to eat the nice green grass but the mean troll who live under the bridge won't let them cross. We came up with lots of ideas including flying over the bridge in a plane, surfing across the river and building the goats a boat. We made our own bridges for the goats too.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


Welcome back. We hope you had a lovely half term.

This term our topic is Stories and Rhyme. We had a visit from Humpty Dumpty on Tuesday. He needed the children to help him as he keeps falling of the wall and hurting himself. The children had lots of good advice for him such as to sit still on the wall, not to jump, or be thrown. They thought that one of the best places to keep him might be in the freezer! They thought he wouldn't get broken in there. We tested out their idea and put an egg in the freezer over night but sadly we found it cracked and the egg inside froze!

We also started to write some amazing stories about Humpty Dumpty. Have a look at our pictures.

Picture 1 Who is in the box?
Picture 2 Humpty Dumpty has come to visit
Picture 3 Our ideas to help Humpty.
Picture 4 A letter to Humpty.
Picture 5 Our Humpty Dumpty stories.
Picture 6 The egg cracked in the freezer!
Picture 7 The egg froze in the freezer.
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