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Term 4

WC 3.04.17.


This week in Ash Class and Hawthorn Class we began with an Easter Egg hunt in our outdoor area. We each found a small chocolate egg hidden in the toys and vegetation (thanks to Miss Karn for hiding them all in the morning before joining Y6 on camp). Each class also found a giant golden egg outside which we used as a stimulus for 'Incredible Egg stories in Literacy. In Maths we wrote o'clock times and matched them to different events in our daily routine. Both classes had lovely, sunny trips to Forest School and we performed dinosaur songs and made dinosaur masks during the curriculum afternoon. On Thursday morning we joined Rev. Kat for a whole school assembly about Easter. Oh and we received lots of free fruit trees....hope they provide you with a good crop of apples and pears for years to come! Finally a big thank you to Miss Radnor for covering the teaching in Hawthorn class this week.

Wishing you all a lovely, sunny holiday and looking forward to our Rainforest topic and Bristol Zoo trip when you return


Mr Hewett, Miss Karn and the YR team.

WC 27.03.17


This week in Reception we learnt about the Bristol Dinosaur (Thecodontosaurus) and the role of paleontologists in helping us to learn more about dinosaurs. We also wrote our own dinosaur stories using the sentence starters 'One day', 'Suddenly' and 'Luckily'. In Maths we have continued to learn about telling the time and some of us have made our own watches during plan and play. We have practised matching pictures of coins with their written values in our could continue this at home by showing your child a selection of coins and asking them to see how many they can identify.

In PE we practised bat and ball skills in the hall and at Forest school we planted seeds in pots in preparation for the school plant sale.


Have a great weekend


Mr Hewett

WC 20.03.17


This week in Reception we have been writing Mother's Day cards and dinosaur facts using the words 'so' and 'because'. In Maths we have been learning to tell o'clock times and we have been learning to recognise coins and their written values. We also estimated how many of our shoes (and other objects) would fit into different sized dinosaur footprints. On Friday we celebrated red nose day ...the children looked great in their red outfits!

We also went to a skipping assembly led by Year 3, which was really exciting and inspiring.


Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy Mother's Day


Mr Hewett

This week in literacy the children  have been creating silly sentences with picture cards, using their phonic knowledge to write unfamiliar words. We have also been learning how to edit our work by spotting missing capital letters and full-stops. 

In Maths this week we have continued to look at subtraction calculations and we have also been solving halving number problems. The children have created number dinosaurs by adding different amount of spikes to a dinosaur and writing the numbers in order. 

We have also been practicing our scissors skills this week by cutting out dinosaur silhouettes to stick on our watercolour backgrounds. 

At Forest School we made dinosaur traps, painted trees and built dens (see pictures below).

In PE we practised football skills (passing and dribbling).

Have a good weekend...see you Monday


Mr H

Pictures from Forest School a couple of weeks ago

WC 6.03.17


This week in Ash class we learnt this term's 'Talk for Writing' text...'How to trap a dinosaur'

This helped the children to write their own 'how to trap....' instructions using the connectives First, Next, After that and Finally. We watched a video about some exciting cartoon traps to help us come up with ideas. 

In maths we practised ordering dinosaurs by height from shortest to tallest. Have a go at doing this at home with toys or other objects. The children's knowledge of 3D shapes is really developing and we are beginning to explore the number of faces each has. We have practised recording subtraction calculations on mini whiteboards too!

We also learnt more about dinosaurs through watching video clips, reading books and drawing on knowledge the children's knowledge. Thank you so much for all the books for our dinosaur library...we have an impressive collection!


Have a great weekend

Mr H surprise


WC 27.03.17


This week we went on an adventure to Wookey Hole. The children were fascinated by the caves and got to see some life-sized models of dinosaurs. We were really proud of how sensibly the children behaved in the caves and staff at Wookey Hole came over to us during lunch time to tell us what a lovely group of children we have. Well done Ash and Hawthorn! 

In Literacy we have continued to revise our phase 3 sounds. If you type 'Phase 3 letters and sounds' into google, you will find lots of online games that practise using these tricky 2-letter and 3-letter sounds (if you have time). We also wrote some fantastic recounts of our trip to Wookey Hole. In maths we explored problem solving activities involving dinosaurs.

World book day was a great success and there are some photos of the children dressed up below. The children made bookmarks of their favourite book character and many of the children came back in the evening for some lovely bedtime stories. Remember to use your 'World Book Day' vouchers before the end of March.


Have fantastic weekend


Mr H



WC 19.02.17

The children are really enjoying their new dinosaur topic.  Here are some of the things that they already knew!!!

"Some dinosaurs like to eat meat...they are carnivores."

"Dinosaurs that eat meat and leaves are called omnivores."

"Some dinosaurs have long necks to reach leaves."

"Some dinosaurs can fly."

"Dinosaurs are means that they aren't here anymore."

We have been using the language of 'longer than' and 'shorter than' to compare objects including dinosaur footprints during maths. As we will continue to build on our knowledge of 3D shapes this term, I have attached the Danny MacAskill video which is great for spotting these....see videos section.

In literacy we wrote dinosaur facts in our books.

Really excited about Wookey Hole next Tuesday

Have a great weekend everyone

(Have a look at pics of the dinosaurs we made at Forest School below)


Mr H