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Term 4

Term 4 Things You Need To Know and Curriculum Map

4 Apple’s Learning This Week
w/c 20th February 2017

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely half term break. 4 Apple have come back with a bang; feeling refreshed and ready for learning.


“This term, in English, we are reading a text called Railway Children.” Millie


“In English today, we were writing a letter to our friend pretending that we were one of the children in the text we are reading.’ Aryansh


“This week, in Maths we have been solving word problems. We were focusing on the type of vocabulary linked to each operation.’ Joe


“Today, after assembly, Stages performed their dance in front of key stage 2. It felt amazing to be part of it!” Josie

Science - Sorting Solids Liquids and Gases

Problem Solving

4 Apple’s Learning This Week
w/c 27th February 2017


‘This week, in Science we made liquid chocolate, poured it into a plastic container, put some toppings of our choice on and then we observed the liquid chocolate change states into a solid.’ 4 Apple


‘We made our own Railway Children story in English.’ Aryansh


‘We changed the story so that it was set in the modern day.’ Maryam


‘I felt really glad after I had finished because I felt like I had changed the story to make it my own.’ Jemima


‘In Maths, we used column addition to solve problems.’ Ethan


‘Yesterday it was World Book Day! In the afternoon we watched a shadow puppet show.’ Millie


‘I enjoyed the Fisherman and the Genie shadow puppets show because it was really funny when the Genie went into the bottle and he got trapped, which was silly!’ Katie


‘I helped control the shadow puppets! I loved being part of the show because it was really fun!’ Josie

Melting Chocolate and Observing the Solidifying Process

Wold Book Day!

Puppet Show by Amy at Tallulah Swirls Puppet Theatre -


Science - Evaporation Experiment

4 Apple’s Learning This Week
w/c 6th March 2017


'Today, in PE, we have been learning how to dribble a ball in hockey.' Martha


'I liked learning how to dribble because you can take control of the ball and hockey is India's national sport.' Aryansh


'Today, in English we have been planning our own warning stories.' Lola


'We have been doing missing number sentences in Maths.' Jemima


'Yesterday we went to the Windmill Hill Community Centre to watch Sammy and the Snow Leopard.' 4 Apple


'It was really good!!' Josie

4 Apple Performing From a Railway Carriage

Maths - Times Tables Practise

Sammy and the Snow Leopard at Windmill Hill Community Centre

4 Apple’s Learning This Week
w/c 12th March 2017


‘We have been working out multiplication number sentences.’ Lola


‘We’ve been using the column multiplication method to do this.’ Ashton


‘Today, we went on a trip on a train to Avonmouth and back. It was fun because we had to spot lots of different things that began with each letter from the alphabet.’ Ben

English - writing a verse of a poem about the railway

RE - Ordering Statements about Lent

4 Apple’s Learning This Week
w/c 20th March 2017


'Today in PE, we played boys vs. girls in hockey. At the end, the score was a tie 2-2.' Aryansh


'We have been learning how to divide in Maths.' Brooke


'In English, we have been writing a letter to Mr D. Green because we wanted to complain about his disgraceful comments about children!' Eda

4 Apple’s Learning This Week
w/c 31st March 2017


'Today, we have been writing a balanced argument about 'Should football be banned at play times?'' Ashton


'This week we have been practising long division and I think we've cracked it!!' Martha


'In Topic, we have been researching different types of steam locomotives; including the Mallard, the Evening Star, the Rocket and the Flying Scotsman.' Javari (and 4 Apple)


'In Art, we have been sketching and painting a landscape journey.' Ayman


'This week, we went to the farm and got to plant some purple potatoes and carrots. I found it fun! I also enjoyed feeding some of the animals there.' Katie

English - Identifying features of a balanced argument

4 Apple’s Learning This Week
w/c 3rd April 2017


'On Wednesday, we did our Maths, Spelling and Grammar, Vocabulary and Punctuation assessments for the end of term. Then we have gone through the papers to check any misconceptions.' Farid


'We have been practising performing our class poem, about trains, to show on curriculum afternoon.' Ayman


'Today, in Topic we have been rehearsing a presentation about different significant figures who were either in favour or against the railways.' Stan


'On Mondays we started learning about the 24 hour clock.' Lola



Have a fantastic break 4 Apple!!!!

What was the impact of the Railways?

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