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Term 4

Week beginning 20.03.17

In year 6 we have been working really hard but it all has paid off this week J

This week we have been …..

In Maths this week we have been applying our knowledge to answer multiple step word problems.

In English we have been writing a non-chronological report about earthquakes and how they occur. Then editing our work with the expected standard Year 6 list.

In R.E we have been learning about the Easter story in detail and what it means to us.

In science we have been learning about light sources and different material that can affect how we see light.

In topic we have been researching about the structure of the earth and what causes earthquakes also how the countries were once one big landmass discovered by Alfred Waenga.

In art we have been focusing on observational drawings, especially tulips. This is more difficult than we originally thought.


By Verast and Evie

Week beginning 13.03.17


This week in 6 Dogwood we have been….

In Topic we have been learning about the structure of the Earth and the different layers that make it what we see today which is related to our topic third rock from the sun ( Earth ). there is the core the mantel and the crust ,we also drew pictures about what the Earth looked like 250 million years ago and also what we thought it would look like in the future.

In English we have been planning and writing our own monster story where your character has to defeat something in their story. We also have been learning about the different tenses .

In Maths we have been practicing to apply our knowledge in a tests and getting prepared for S.A.T.S!

In R.E we have been learning the Easter story in detail and drawing the different symbols and writing what they mean.

Lastly, we had an amazing experience when we got invited to help out with our school garden by tidying up ready for new plants to grow !!!

Week Beginning 05.03.17


As our Topic is the ‘third rock from the Sun’, we have been doing textiles inspired by the Earth’s structure. We have been using fabric, fabric pens and we have been sewing to create our pieces of Art.

This week in Maths, we have been using our knowledge of area to solve volume (width X length X depth). We have been also looking at the structure base and surface area of a cube and cuboid.


In English, we have been writing a newspaper report about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and editing it using the toolkit list. We have also been learning about relative clause and relative pronoun.

In Science, we have been experimenting on how sound travels.  We also did some research using the netbooks on different areas.  For example, Light and Dark, Gravity and even Conducting Circuits.


In PE, we have been practising our tennis skills with Bristol Sports.  We have also been learning to dance to different beats. 


Week beginning 27th February

In 6 Dogwood this week we have been learning…

In Maths we have been finding the area and the perimeter of triangles, parallelograms and rectangles. We have also been solving word problems to do with area and perimeter.

In English this week we have been writing our own mystery narrative stories. We have also been investigating how to use semi-colons and colons in a piece of writing (semi-colon )E.g. Quickly the boy ran through the woods; tripping and stumbling over the winding roots! (Colon) E.g. Happily the boy unwrapped his present, a smile crawled up is face he loved the colours on his new roller-skates: red, as a rose; blue, as the sky and green as a freshly growing forest!

In science this week we have been researching how sound travels and how humans hear sounds. We also went outside to do an interesting experiment, we all brought our drinking cups and tested how good our hearing is when we put our cup on different objects and Miss Price tapped the spoon on it from different perspectives.

World book day!

This Thursday was a special event for our school it was World Book Day! World Book Day is a day when everybody can dress up as their favourite book character NOT MOVIE! It was so interesting to see everybody dressed up in their costumes! :D

Evie and Ellie J