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Term 4

Edited: 24/03/17


Over Term 4 we have been developing our knowledge in the following areas:




  • Shape types, 2D and 3D
  • Protractor usage and angle measuring
  • Finding area and perimeter of 2D shapes
  • Finding the capacity/volume of 3D shapes
  • Using the properties of 2D shapes to find missing angles
  • Interpretation and construction of pie charts through the relation of angles/percentage/fractions
  • The parts of a circle
  • Translating shapes through all 4 quadrants
  • Plotting and drawing our own 2D shapes using given coordinates and shape properties
  • Preparing for SATS by completing Reasoning and Arithmetic assessment
  • Revising long division and column multiplication techniques with decimals
  • Practising word problems using a variety of contexts and operations




  • Planning and writing a mystery story
  • Planning and writing a newspaper article on Mount Vesuvius
  • Editing and improving texts using our grammatical knowledge
  • Embedded clauses, relative clauses and relative pronouns
  • Semi-colons and colons
  • Reading comprehension work
  • Present Perfect, Simple Past and Past Progressive
  • Planning and writing an information text about earthquakes.
  • Planning and writing a defeat the monster story.




We have been looking (kind of) at microorganisms and learning about the three different types which are: viruses, fungi and bacteria.

We have also studied how sound travels as vibrations through different material types and explored how the reflection and absorption of sound can help with sound proofing.

We have been looking at how light travels, how shadows are cast and what happens when light enters our eyes. We made a model eye to see the image that appears on our retina using a magnifying glass, an eye pocket and a whiteboard.

We conducted a fair investigation to see the effect of distance from a light source on a shadow-casting object's shadow size. For this we controlled several variables to ensure it was only the distance causing the change on the shadow's measurements.

Finally, so far, we have explored a wide range of different science subjects using reliable sources online.




Due to our topic this term, we have been learning about how the Earth was formed and how this has resulted in different land masses (Pangaea), structures and disasters. Our volcano is quite impressive!

To work some History in, we studied the eradication of Pompeii by Mount Vesuvius and watched an impressive animation detailing the 24 hours it took to turn a city into a shattered, skeletal husk.

We have looked at the cross-section of the Earth to understand its structure. It contains the crust, mantle and core. The core is made of many molten metals, predominantly iron. This studying of the Earth's structure also led to work on the tectonic plates and how they can create earthquakes.

We looked at the different weather cycles; we had to draw a picture where we labeled all the different parts of the water cycle and learned a song about the water cycle too. This explained why we get precipitation.




In PE, we have been learning tennis techniques from Bristol Rugby, developing our racket control and rallying with forearm and backhand shots. Nets were introduced to challenge our rallying and to introduce the idea of how scoring is operated for tennis matches.

Indoors, we have been learning a dance routine for a 90's rap classic. We have now worked on a routine for a song from the 2010's - Jerk It Out by the Ceasars.




In RE, we have been looking at the story of Easter and the Beatitudes (Bee-attitudes). The Beatitudes were given in the sermon on the mount and are a bit like the New Testament version of the ten commandments. We also discussed which we would prefer to live by: the authoritative ten commandments, or the more relaxed Beatitudes. There was a healthy range of opinion.

As part of our work on Easter, we have looked at some services related to it and Lent - Ash Wednesday and the Washing of the Feet which occurs on the Thursday of Holy Week. We found out that as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples during the Last Supper that if you refuse to wash another's feet during this time it is like saying you are more important than him.