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Term 4

Week 5


Another term has come to an end and once again we have been filled with an incredible amount of learning.  Vincent Van Gogh most certainly opened up our eyes and minds, through his beautiful paintings.  The topic has been a great success and we hope you enjoy reading and looking through the books we made.  Miss Pooley confessed to taking the original painting and explained that she did it because she didn't want us to stop thinking and learning about Van Gogh. The children showed great compassion and forgiveness towards Miss Pooley, who promised never to commit another crime again.


The children attended an Easter service at St Mary Redcliffe Church on Monday, were they sang songs and learnt about the Easter story.  This week we made little books about the Easter story, as well as Easter cards and baskets.


On Thursday some parents came in to help us plant some seeds.  They have been taken up to the polytunnel to grow and will be available to buy at the summer fair.




We completed our week by doing some measuring. We went outside and threw beanbags, then measured the distanced they travelled.  First we did this through the number of footsteps, then we challenged ourselves to measure using metre sticks and find the nearest metre.  We certainly have some good throwers in Willow class, some reaching a distance of nearly 10 metres!








All that is left to say is Happy Easter! Have a wonderful time whatever you may choose to do and we look forward to hearing about your escapades in the new term.

Week 4


We are now in our final stages of learning about Van Gogh. This week we looked at two of his most popular paintings within the class - Starry Night and Sunflowers. The children loved recreating these paintings and the results are stunning. The end results of all the children's paintings and work have been compiled in to a beautiful Van Gogh book for them to treasure and keep forever.


Starry Night








This week in literacy we have been learning some funny poems by Michael Rosen.  We watched him performing his poems and used his formats as a basis for our own 'Don't' poems. Here are a few verses from some of the children's ideas:



Don't throw confetti at our Betty.

Don't throw fruit at Ms Croot.

Don't stick a nail in a whale.

Don't put Mrs Slinn, in the bin


We've been learning our doubles to 20 this week and even harder, investigating near doubles. The children found this difficult, identifying a double between neighbouring numbers: 5 + 4 = 4 + 4 + 1  Try practising these at home.


We ended our week with the most spectacular event - The Solar Eclipse! The children were so enthused by it all and really valued the opportunity to watch it outside in the playground.  We also watched the Cbeebies Stargazing programme after the event to further develop our understanding of what was happening and why.



Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you at our curriculum event on Wednesday afternoon.


Week 3


Breaking News!!!! Our treasured Van Gogh painting has been stolen and replaced with a painting of him in later life. Who did it? Why? Will we ever recover our painting?

It was a very distrubing day when we arrived in to class to find our painting gone.  Fortunately, the culprit left some clues of how they possibly entered and left our room. Mr William also believes he heard the burgular early in the morning, but assumed it was Ms McNab in the classroom. The mystery of the missing painting has yet to be solved, but trust me when I say "The culprit WILL be caught!" The children have written some incredible newspaper reports about the missing painting and they hope that through their articles someone will know the whereabouts of it. So if you see or hear anything about our painting please let us know immediately.


The crime scene

The trail of clues:





This week we have been thinking about this term's Core Value - Compassion and we thought about how we could be 'compassionate' towards others. We learnt about the Good Samaritan and how despite not being a favorable citzen, he was the one who offered his help and money to the traveller in need.  We then enjoyed reinacting the story of the Good Samaritan.  From this we then thought about some of the things we do that show compassion, as well as other things we could do.  Our core value wall display is now complete with hearts full of compassion.


The traveller on the dangerous road to Jericho


Robbers attacking the traveller and stealing all of her precious possessions


The traveller left injured and all alone


A Priest sees the injured traveller and turns the other way - he is not going to help her.


A lady also comes by and sees the traveller hurt, but does to stop to help, just turns her head and carries on with her journey.


A traveller from another country arrives and offers her water, clothing and help to the next town.


Upon arriving at the town, he finds her a place to stay and pays the inn keeper a sum of money to look after her until she is fit and well to continue her journey to Jerico.


Hearts full of compassion


On Thursday we were treated to the wonderful delights of a story teller by the name of Martin Maudsley.  He was incredible, getting us to sing silly songs and telling us the most funniest stories.  The children were thoroughly entertained by him and were really sad when it came to an end.


Martin Maudsley the story teller.......


......with some very unhelpful fairies!


The 'COOL' pose!


Ending with a swaying, funny song


Red Nose Day had arrived and in true Willow class style, we had some inventive funny faces and hairstyles, which brought lots of smiles and laughter to our classroom.




In Maths we used the Red Nose Day theme to look at finding 'Inverse' operations by subtracting and adding noses, for example 9 - 6 = 3 so 3 + 6 = 9

The children were fantastic and despite this being a difficult thing to grasp, they all did really well. Keep practising at home.


For all the Mums, we wish you a Happy Mothers Day and we hope you are truly spoilt.






Week 2


The enthusiasm for our Van Gogh topic has continued to grow. This week we have continued to paint in the style of Van Gogh and painted one of his favourite objects - The Chair. This was quite a difficult task as we had to learn how to draw an object in 3D to give the object some depth and make it appear real. The children applied themselves well to the task and showed great perseverance. Our work was not yet done, as we had to add colour to our drawings. So in the style of Van Gogh we mixed colours together to create new colours which we added carefully to our drawings. The results were incredible, just see for yourself!


'The Chair'


The results of our Van Gogh potraits from last week.


Through Van Gogh's paintings we have been learning about his life and we've been writing a biography about him which will go in to the Van Gogh book we are making.  The children's writing is a true reflection of how much they are enjoying this topic and you'll soon be receiving your own personal copy of the book!


This week we have been learning about halving of shapes and quantities. The children have discovered that when you create a half of a sized square (4x4) it doesn't always have to have two identical halves, but patterns can be created in a variety of  ways as long as only half of the sqaures are coloured.  Some children have been applying this knowledge to more tricker sqaures - 3x3, were they soon discovered that you could halve an individual sqaure because '2 halves make a whole'. We've also been learning about quarter, half and whole turns.  There was no better place to try out these turns but in the playground on a lovely sunny spring day.  The children enjoyed trying to do a full turn and predicting what they would be facing at different turns.  Have a go at home, instructing each other to do a quarter, half and full turn. Don't get to dizzy!


This term we are learning about Hinduism. Last week we learnt that Hindu's have many Gods and they believe in reincarnation.  We developed our knowledge further by learning about the shrines they create both in their temples and at home.  We learnt the importance of each of the objects placed on the shrine.  Through this knowledge we created our own Hindu shrine on our reflection table in the classroom, which included a photo of Ganeesh, the Hindu God of 'Knowledge and Wisdom' in the hope he will help us in our learning and a photo of Lakshmi, the godness of love and wealth. We also placed a candle so that it may give us light when times are dark and sad. Fruit and water were added , so that we may never go hungry or thirsty. Finally we added some flowers and incense, to add colour and fragrance.  Thanish helped us through his knowledge of Hinduism as he is a Hindu and the children were very thoughtful and respectful of  his religion and the importance of it to him.


Adding flowers for colour and fragrance


Adding water for purity and to drink


Ganeesha  - Wisdom and Knowledge and Lakshmi - Wealth and Love


incense for fragrance


Overall, the highlight of our week was World Book Day. We loved dressing up as a book character and the results were fantastic. We were in the good company of wizards and witches; fairies; captains and pirates; cats; the brave Robin Hood; Spiderman; Sir Arthur; and pincesses. The day was an excitable one, but we all had great fun.




                        Sir Arthur                                                                Six Dinner Sid


                         Harry Potter                                                     Captain Hook



                        Tinkerbell                                                           Sam Silver



                                Ariel                                                               Hermione



                         Princess Lucy                                                   Pippi Longstocking



                     Mildred Hubble                                                       Maud Moonshine



Good witches


Have a lovely weekend.




Week 1:


This week we have had an amazing surprise delivery! On Monday afternoon a parcel clearly labelled “fragile” was delivered to our classroom. When we opened it we found a priceless self-portrait and a letter from the Arnolfini Art gallery. They told us that they were lending us the painting to help us learn about the work of great artists and to become great artists ourselves! Unbelievably the painting fitted into the solid gold frame that had mysteriously appeared on the wall. We had no idea who the painting was but thanks to all your research we found out that the portrait was of Vincent Van Gogh.


The careful removal of the Arnolfini painting.


Who is this a painting of?


The potrait hanging in the mystery photo frame.


Freshwater Theatre Company returned to school to help us travel back to the time Vincent Van Gogh was alive, so that we could find out more about him and the life he lived, as well as visit the places which appeared in his paintings.   We had an incredible time whizzing through time, meeting Van Gogh's family and being artists like Van Gogh.  What was most impressive was the vast amount of knowledge the children brought to the workshop about Van Gogh!


Lesley preparing us for our journey through time.


Starting the time travelling machine with a "whoosh, clunk, wer, bang!"


"We're late, we're late for a very important date......."


In Van Gogh's studio


Picking grapes in 'The Red Vineyards' of France


Being the 'Potato Eaters'


Van Gogh's favourite chair!



Van Gogh's family


We will continue to learn more about Van Gogh next week. We have already tried to copy the techniques of Van Gogh when we painted his self-portrait by mixing colours and we used lots of different tones to paint his skin and hair.


The whole school has been learning about e-safety and we attended an e- safety workshop were we learnt the base rules for keeping safe on the internet. We learnt that we should create a password that people will not be able to hack and we should never tell it to our friends. We also learnt that we should never talk to strangers on the internet or tell people personal details like our address. Basically if you feel something is wrong you should STOP, BLOCK, GET OFF and TELL!



Don't talk to strangers