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Term 4

Week beginning 23.03.15


During our final week this term we have been making Easter egg cards for our family, using a split pin to open the egg.


In Maths we have been finding solutions for sums, either mentally or using a written method. We are now thinking more carefully which method we use. We also found different combinations when colouring in the shell, spots and ribbons different colours.


In English we have been writing our own warning stories based on the railway children.


We hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER.

Image result for easter eggs 

Solar Eclipse

Week beginning 16th March 2015


This week we went on our train trip from Bristol Temple Mead to Avonmouth. We had an activity to look out of the carriage window and find something which began with every letter of the alphabet, we found 'x' very difficult. We walked to the train station, and we were very lucky because someone who works for First Great Western came with us and told us lots of things along the way. Also the man using the train tannoy system helped us find 'z'.


Today was the solar eclipse. It was the first eclipse since we were born! We had to wear special glasses so we didn't damage our eyes, which made everything dark so we could only see the outline of things very close to us. Once on the playground we used the glassess to look at the eclipse.

"We saw the sun look like the night time moon." - Malith

"Instead of the sun being yellow, it was bright white." - Erwin

"When we came up to the playground, we saw more of the sun than the first time we went out." - Ayaan

"The trees looked haunted." - Magnus

"When we were looking up, we saw the moon move, slowly." - Alvaro

"It looked liked a 3D film."- Miles


Image result for solar eclipse           Image result for solar eclipse

Train journey to Avonmouth

Week beginning 09.03.15


RED NOSE DAY - We all came in with funny faces and strange hair. We even joined in some of the dances in the Danceathon!


In English we rewrote the Railway Children to modernise the story. We changed homework for 'chores', electric train for steam train, and included mobile phones!!!


We started our new topic - From a Railway carriage and we started to learn the poem by Robert L. Stevenson, based on the title.


Image result for red noses 2015  Image result for red noses 2015  Image result for red noses 2015



Fair Trade - chocolate

Fair Trade - chocolate  1
Fair Trade - chocolate  2
Fair Trade - chocolate  3
Fair Trade - chocolate  4
Fair Trade - chocolate  5
Fair Trade - chocolate  6
Fair Trade - chocolate  7
Fair Trade - chocolate  8

Week beginning 02.03.15

This week we have been developing our addition and subtractions skills through solving 2 step word problems. We have also been learning The Railway Children.


On Tuesday morning we went to the community centre and watched Sammy and the Snow leopard, he wanted to adopt a snow leopard but when it arrived it was a real snow leopard, in a box. It was a one man show, we all really enjoyed it.



As we walked through the gates, we could see many different book characters including Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Dorothy, Little Red Riding Hood, the Queen of Hearts, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Matilda and many more different book characters. During assembly we guessed who Ms Payne was...she was Carrie from Carries War. During the day we made our own book marks and wrote a character description about the character we came as. We also entered a book review competition.



World Book Day

Sammy and the Snow leopard

Sammy and the Snow leopard 1
Sammy and the Snow leopard 2
Sammy and the Snow leopard 3
Sammy and the Snow leopard 4
Sammy and the Snow leopard 5
Sammy and the Snow leopard 6
Sammy and the Snow leopard 7

Week beginning 23.02.15


On Tuesday we spent the day making our own chooclate bars, using jelly beans, bisciuts, sprinkels, popping candy, crunchy honeycombe, maltesers, milkiy ways, marshmallows, mint essense and caramel. Whilst leaving them to set, we designed an advert to promote own own chocolate bars. Just before going home, we ate our choclate bars!

"It was the best chocoate I ever tasted!" - Miles

"During the time of eatng it, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face, even if I wanted to!" - Leon

"Whilst I was eating it, I couldn't stop dreaming of having more!"£ - Magnus

"It was so lovely I thought I want more!" - Aisha

"It was soooo great I couldn't stop eating it!" - Rowan.


4 Poplar Express!

4 Poplar Express! 1
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