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Term 5

Monday 23rd May-Friday 27th May

Monday 23rd May- Friday 27th May

  • On Tuesday we went to the aquarium. We had a tour around and learnt lots of interesting facts as well as feeding the fish!
  • In science, we had to design and make our own umbrella or hat for discovery dog who was going to the rainforest on holiday. We had to decide what materials would be best to use and why.
  • We have been looking at statements and questions again and sorting them, deciding which are which.
  • In maths we have been learning about 1 hour later and 1 hour earlier. We found this tricky so please help us at home.
  • In phonics we are practising reading lots of real and nonsense words, we love playing the games on phonics play. Keep practising over the holidays!
  • Today is the Spring Show, we have been working hard all term so we are very excited to perform to the rest of the school.

Monday 16th May-Friday 20th May

  • We went to Windmill Hill City Farm. We went pond dipping, bug hunting and went to see and feed the farm animals. It was an amazing trip! Have a look at our photos.
  • In literacy we have been retelling our own stories using drama, we did 'speed story retelling' where we had to tell our story to our partner for a minute then we all moved around and told someone else! We made up actions to retell our story.
  • In maths we have been looking at more number bonds to 20. We have been learning about number families! We realised that if you know 1 fact then you also know other facts. For example if you know 18+2=20 you also know that 2+18=20 and 20-2=18 and 20-18=2! We played number bonds battleships using these facts!
  • In geography we have been learning about hot and cold climates. We learnt about the equator and how countries on or close are very hot. We also located animals into their different climates.
  • One more week until the spring show which is very exciting!

Monday 9th May-Friday 13th May

Monday 9th May-Friday 13th May

  • In maths we have been helping Discovery Dog to find all the ways to make 20. We have made a fact booklet which we will bring home next week so we can practise our number bonds at home. We have also been using grids to help us look for patterns and bonds to 10 and 20.
  • In literacy we have been writing stories from the fishes point of view.
  • In science, we have been learning about materials, we played Kim's Game, sorted materials into hoops then went on a material hunt around the school.
  • In PSHE we were talking about praise, we made ourselves into 'The Incredibles' and decided what we were all incredible at!
  • In art we finished making our Jelly Fish.
  • Our spring show song and dance is coming along well!
  • Next week we are off to the farm for our trip.

Tuesday 3rd May-Friday 6th May

Tuesday 3rd May-Friday 6th May

  • We have been learning to count backwards. We played higher or lower against Miss Dudding! Today we went outside onto the playground and played lots of games to help us recognise the patterns and order of numbers.
  • In RE we leant about Sikhism and the important symbols.
  • In literacy we have doing some drama, exploring our King of Fishes story from the fishes point of view!
  • In phonics we have been playing lots of games so help us revise our sounds and read nonsense words!
  • We have started practising our spring show dance, it is coming together well!
  • In Science we are making our own amphibians! Photos to follow next week.

Monday 25th April-Friday 29th April

Monday 25th April-Friday 29th April

  • We have been learning about positions and directions in maths. We went out side and used chalk to make different turns. We had to decide the positions of the different fish in the grid!
  • In literacy we planned the beginning and build up of our story ' The King of the Fishes'. Yesterday we wrote that part. We used our tool kit to write and Miss Dudding is extremely proud of our writing! We used amazing wow words like 'magnificent and thrashing'!
  • In Geography we have been learning about the 3 seas that surround the British Isles. We have learnt another rhyme to help us!
  • In science we have been learning about amphibians and what features they have.
  • In PSHE we learnt about greeting people appropriately.
  • In RE we learnt about special symbols and why they are important to us.

Monday 18th April-Friday 22nd April

  • We have made and painted our own fish (Amy)
  • We have been sharing cookies in maths. We had to divide them into equal groups, then we got to eat them!(Sarah and Flo)
  • We have been making our own number squares to help us practise counting forwards and backwards to 100. (Floyd)
  • This week in Art we have been making our own fish pictures.(Bella)
  • We have been talking about what makes a good friend. (Felix)
  • We have been writing about fish and all their parts. (Enzo)
  • We have been learning a new story called 'The King of the Fishes.' (Karell)
  • We had a visitor who made sculptures, we had to help him design a bike themed sculpture for our school. (Rudi)

Monday 18th April- Friday 22nd April

Monday 11th April-Friday 15th April

  • Our new topic is Water World, we have been making our own fishes out of paper. Yesterday we covered them in paper mache!
  • We have learnt about the 5 oceans, we used a song to help us learn them.
  • In maths we have been learning about capacity. Today we designed and made our own potions! Have a look at our photos!
  • On Wednesday Enzo's mum worked with us to dissect a daffodil.
  • In RE we have been talking about special places and how to make people feel special.
  • In science and literacy we have been learning about what makes a fish and labelling these.
  • During the holidays, we have made some amazing sea creatures which we have up in our classroom.
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