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Term 5

Week 6


This week we have been learning about hot and cold places around the World. Coraline Crow was of on an adventure and had her suitcase packed ready to go.  We had to guess where she was going by what she was taking.  We have learnt about the hottest places being close to the Equator and the coldest places being near to the North and South Poles.


We have written our own wishing tales this week, based on the same structure of the King of the Fishes.


We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Windmill Hill City Farm.  We saw all the animals which included two calves some pigs. giddy goats, sheep, geese, ducks, guinea pigs, rabbits and chickens. We had a chance to feed and stroke most of the animals we saw.  We also went looking for minibeasts and pond dipping. Some of us were lucky enough to find a newt or two.


We've ended our week by remembering our number bonds for numbers all the way to 20.  You can help us to keep practising at home.

Week 4


We have explored a different water world this week - ponds.  We've learnt all about amphibians, their features, where they live and what they eat. To demonstrate our understanding we made beautiful amphibians to go in to our class pond.  We also wrote incredible facts about them.  


We have been practising our counting backwards from any number between 0 and 100.  Jumping through the 10s (38, 39, 40....) can be quite tricky but we are starting to get there. You can help us but counting with us at home.


In literacy we have changed the story to see it from the King of the Fishes viewpoint.  We've used drama to explore what this would be like.  Next week we will begin to create our own wishing tales.


In PSHE, we've talked about the people who help us, especially those people in school and how they help us.  We've thought about how it feels when someone helps us and who we can go to for help.


In RE, we explored the 5Ks, these are five symbols from the Sikh religion.  We watched a video which explained what the 5Ks are and why they are special to Sikhs.  You can watch it to by going to BBC Learning Zone - Sikhs 5Ks



Week 3


The ocean within the class has come alive with a swimming shoal of fish!  We have worked carefully and thoughtfully to replicate some of the wonderful fish within the oceans of the world, as well as learn some fish facts about them.  We've extended our knowledge this week by learning all about amphibians and their amazing features and behaviours.  Ask us about some and you'll be wowed by what we know!


Our King of The Fishes story has been the inspiration for some incredible writing in Literacy, as well as being able to retell the story clearly to our peers, we have also acted out the story. All of which has resulted in some fantastic written retelling of the story using words like - magnificent; thrashing; scooped. How about we tell you a bedtime story all about The King of The Fishes!


In numeracy we have been learning about positional language - behind; above; next to; left right, as well as language for turns and movement - anti-clockwise; clockwise. We've played some fun games outside directing and being directed around the playground.  We've also used our understanding to help us solve problems.  Have a go together with us:


Draw the following - 













Now, find where the following colours will go by following these instructions:

  • Red is left of Orange but right of blue
  • Yellow is below Blue
  • Green is right of both yellow and white


In RE we have been looking at symbols, both those that are personal to us and Christian symbols.  One child shared his personal Sikh symbols that he carries with him everyday. We will learn more about what each of the symbols are and why they are special to Sikhs next week.


We have started to learn our song and dance for the school Spring Show. As our theme is water we have chosen 'Under the Sea' from the Disney film Little Mermaid. Words have been sent home for reference, but we will continue to practice in school.


Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and we'll see you on Tuesday

Week 1


Welcome back!


It has been a wonderful week delving in to the water worlds of out new topic -  Water World. We have been thinking about all the different types of water worlds that exist on our planet: ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, seas and oceans.  We've looked at different types of fish and begun to make our own models of them.


We also started to learn the names of the 5 oceans of the world - Pacific, Southern, Atlantic, Artic and Indian.  We've used our bodies to help us remember their locations on a map and a song to remember their names.


Water has been a big part of our learning this week, even in Maths!  This week we've been exploring 'capacity'.  Thinking about the different amounts a container can hold: full, half full/empty, quarter full or empty.  We put all our learning to great use at the end of the week when we made our own potions using lots of gruesome coloured liquids.  We had to work out how much of each liquid was needed and then measure out the amounts accurately for our potions to be successful.


We are very grateful to Enzo's mum for coming in to do some science with us.  She taught us about the different structures of a plant and then we each were able to dissect a plant and identify each of the features.


In PSHE we have been thinking about families, how they are different but all special to each of us.


Have a lovely weekend

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