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Term 5

Week Beginning 25th April


In Maths some of us have been ordering negative numbers and some of us have been ordering positive number. We have also been looking at factor pairs. 


In Art we have been learning about the artist Pablo Picasso, he moved shapes around to make like a puzzle to create a picture. He used bold colours and next week we will be using clay.


In topic we have been desining our own board games based on the heart.Everybody has difrent idias and we are all very exited to make and play them


In re we have been doing the story of moses and how he was a  good leader.


In PE we have been exploring how our heart rate changes when we are out of breath and are tired and when we are sitting in our chairs and not doing anything.We copared them and they are very diffrent.

Week beginning 18th April


In Maths we have been learning the distributive law and the cummutative law, it allows us to move around numbers to help us solve multiplication and addition problems more easily. If you are doing multiplication such as 15 x 5, you can distribute the 15 into 10 and 5, solve 10 x 5 (50) and then you do 5 x 5 (25). You add the answers together to find the final answer, 75.


In Literacy this week we wrote a poem about the heart, we have been practicing our talk for writing on an explanation text about the heart. 


We had a science workshop where we learnt about the body and what it does. We had to think about the sugar and saturated fat that is inside our food. 


We had an artist called Peter who is going to help us build an archway for the bikes to go in. We came up with different ideas.

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Picture 5

Week Beginning 11th April


In Topic we have been learning about the body, we drew pictures of our body and where things are within them. You may have a heart attack if you don't care of your body. The left side of the heart pumps blood to the lungs to collect Oxygen and the right sides pumps it to the body. 


In English we have been learning about explanation texts, about how the heart works. We have been learning the text and writing fact files. 


In Maths we have been looking at multi-step word problems and thinking of ways to solve them, we have also been looking at the inverse. 


We went to the farm, there was two activities where we learnt about plants and saw the animals. Some people some chickens lay eggs, freshly laid eggs are warmer than older eggs. We fed goats and brushed them.