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Term 5

This term we are exploring Our Sustainable City.  We are going to think about what is in our city and what makes a city.


We will look at what's beneath our feet - things growing, minibeasts moving and caring for our environment.

We will be considering how to re-use, reduce and recycle things.

Please consider keeping egg boxes, boxes, plastic bags, newspapers, fabric off-cuts and plastic tops.

If you have any spare seeds, flower pots or compost please could you donate these to us.  

We will begin the theme by looking at the book Oliver's Vegetables.

In our Outside area we are creating a Garden Centre / Potting Shed.


We are going green!



The last week - we have looked at the blue and the green of our beautiful planet and made an edible earth using rice cakes, cream cheese, black grapes and green cucumber to represent the different elements.

We created posters to remind us how we can do just a little bit to keep the earth healthy - switch off our lights when we are not in the room and turn off the tap while brushing our teeth. 


Happy holidays everyone!


Weston Trip is 12th June - come to school for 9.00 am and we will be back by 3 pm latest.  


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral 

Week 4 is all about Reduce Reuse Recycle!


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral brought in a heap of plastic bottles and cardboard tubes and we all had a go at making something new from these materials.  

The plastic bottles became Calm Bottles - filled with coloured water and little coloured items.  The children's challenge is to find 3 relaxing things they can do with their bottle.  So far we have enjoyed rolling, spinning, shaking and wobbling them.  Let us know your ideas!

The tubes became different flower styles - have a look on our WOW Windows.  


Please remember Nursery is closed on Wednesday 22nd May for our new children to visit.

Look out for the letter about a very special trip coming up !


Have a happy weekend, we will see you on THURSDAY 23rd May. 


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral

Week 3 has looked at PLASTIC - the commotion in the ocean!

We have learned that there are plastic islands in the ocean and that birds and animals get sick and die. We think we wouldn't like to live on a plastic island.


We have recycled a duvet cover into bags for ourselves - we think we will use them for tidying our toys, carrying a melon, our shopping or putting our pyjamas in if we go on holiday.

Mrs Abbas, Mrs Moral and Mrs Knights sewed them and the children applied their own designs using permanent marker pens. 

We turned plastic bags into flowers and butterflies too and flew our butterflies outside.


What else can you make from a plastic bag - let us know.


Next week we are going to turn more unwanted things into other things!


PLEASE REMEMBER Nursery is closed Wednesday 22nd May for new children to visit. 


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral

Week 2 has been all about Trees! We shared a beautiful book called "Wangari and the Trees of Peace" which told the story of tree planting in Kenya - a programme started by 1 woman called Wangari.  

We are starting to explore how trees help us by breathing in our carbon dioxide, then breathing out oxygen for us.  We learned that the birds flew away when the trees were cut down. 

We have created seedling, tree and bird art to remind us of their importance in our lives so please look at the display boards in the corridor and check out our WOW windows.  


Next week we will be considering plastic and how it affects the ocean and different animals. Please send in clean plastic bags that you no longer want - thank you.


REMEMBER:  Wednesday 22nd May Nursery is closed for new children to visit us.


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral

Welcome back to Week 1 where we have thought about what's in our city of Bristol.  This is going to be a very packed term!  We have added a Fruit and Veg shop to the Nursery so come and see what we are selling.  If you have a play cash register that you don't need any more, we would love to have it - thank you.  We are really enjoying playing with coins and making up prices for fruit - did you know that an apple could cost 100 (not sure if this is pounds or pence however!)


We have created some beautiful Transient Art using mixed media and we will print and display photos of this in our WOW Windows.  


Week 2 will look at what's beneath our feet and the importance of trees above us.


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral