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Term 5

All Creatures Great and Small

Things You Need to Know Letter and Curriculum Map- Term 5



"In Maths, we have been learning how to use function machines." Tiegan


"Today in Literacy, we have been writing letters in the playground. We made them look like they had been left in the fox's tunnels for a very long time by stamping on them and crunching them." Ashton


"We have been learning 'The School Song' from Matilda the Musical for the Spring Show but SHHHHHHH... it's a secret!" Giulia


"Today we have been learning to divide numbers by sharing." Nadiya




"This week, we have been busy practising our Spring Show song." Zakaria 


"In Literacy, we created a conscience alley to help Badger decide whether he should steal food from the farmers because he was starving." Eve


"This week, we were learning how to solve maths problems." Luka


"In Art, we have been doing abstract pictures of zebras and dalmatians, using chalk and charcoal." Henry


"In PE, we have been learning about cricket." Dilan


"With Mrs Miller we listened to a piece of music and tried to work out what animal it was about." Ggiven



"Today we created our own animals. For example, mine had the head and neck of a giraffe, the teeth of a shark, the hump and body of a camel and the tail of a dog." Joby


"In PE, we have been learning how to hold a ball in cricket. We played a game to practise this." Christvie


"This week, we have been learning about subtraction." Halle


"We have been learning about the nasty farmers when reading 'Fantastic Mr Fox. We met a new character called Badger." Sheik


"In art, we have been carrying on with our scratching pictures. We are taking them home today." Louis





Here are the things that we have been up to since the beginning of term:


"Last week we were measuring length, weight and capacity. I would measure a book in centimetres (cm), a person in metres (m) and from Bristol to London in kilometres (km)." Lily


"This term we are reading 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl. It is about three nasty farmers called Boggis, Bunce and Bean and the clever Mr Fox." Noor


"We have been learning about 'ly' words. For example: suddenly, sadly and excitedly." Dominic


"This week, we have been learning about money and adding amounts up."



"Today we looked a number facts of fifty and used them to estimate the answers of number sentences." Freddie

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