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Term 5

This term we are exploring Our Sustainable City.  We are going to think about what is in our city and what makes a city.


We will look at what's beneath our feet - things growing, minibeasts moving and caring for our environment.

We will be considering how to re-use, reduce and recycle things.

Please consider keeping egg boxes, boxes, plastic bags, newspapers, fabric off-cuts and plastic tops.

If you have any spare seeds, flower pots or compost please could you donate these to us.  

We will begin the theme by looking at the book Oliver's Vegetables.

In our Outside area we are creating a Garden Centre / Potting Shed.


We are going green!

Week 2

We have made a great start on our topic.

After reading Oliver's Vegetables, Oliver asked us if we could grow some more vegetables.

We had a selection of vegetables and wondered how we could make them grow again?

When we cut them open we discovered that they had seeds inside!

We carefully removed the seeds and have planted them. We thought plants needed soil, water and sunlight to grow. We also planted some other vegetable seeds. We are  so excited that some of them have started to grow all ready!

This week we read Wangari's Trees of Peace. It was all about a woman in Kenya who protested when all the trees were cut down to make room for buildings and cities. She was even put in prison. She started a movement in Africa where women re-planted millions of trees. She made Kenya green again and won the Nobel Peace Prize. Have a look at our lovely display outside the classroom.

We thought about what would happen if the trees and the plants were destroyed . We went into the garden and discovered so many creatures lived in the trees and and plants! We found snails, spiders, earwigs, slugs and many other mini beasts.

Next week we are thinking about plastic bags and how we can re-use them. If you have any spare carrier bags at home please bring them in for us.


Ideas for activities at home:

  • collect junk
  • what can we reuse or recycle?
  • make models out of junk
  • collect seeds from fruit and vegetables
  • can you grow the seeds you collect?
  • Look for mini-beasts in the garden or park
  • help in the garden
  • how can we use less plastic/what could we use instead?