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Term 5

Week 7

This week we have been learning all about ladybirds. We have made lots of different ladybirds. We learnt that ladybirds are not just red and black but that you can get yellow ones too.

Our caterpillars are all now hiding inside their cocoons. We can't wait to see when they will emerge as butterflies.

We also did our sponsored bike ride on Wednesday. We rode the bikes from snack time to home time without stopping! We hope to raise lots of money for the Child of Hope School in Uganda. Don't forget to bring in your sponsor money next term.

The children should have come home with a letter about our trip next term to Weston Super Mare. We are very excited so don't forget to bring back the permission slip or complete it online. If you would like to come with us on the day please let us know.

Have a great half term break. See you on Monday 6th June.

Picture 1 Yellow ladybirds
Picture 2 Look at all our amazing ladybirds
Picture 3 We didn't stop cycling!
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Week 6

We have had more visitors to the Nursery this week. Stevie and Squeakers the school guinea pigs have come to stay. We have been learning how to look after them and helping with feeding them. We love them!

We have been keeping an eye on our caterpillars too. They are starting to make cocoons! Hopefully we will see some butterflies soon.

We have also been looking after each other as we have a hospital in the home corner. We have some excellent doctors in Nursery. Come and make an appointment!


Picture 1 We love the guinea pigs.
Picture 2 Stevie
Picture 3 Squeakers
Picture 4 Our caterpillars are making cocoons.
Picture 5 Getting ready for surgery.
Picture 6 The ambulance driver has arrived.
Picture 7 The doctors are helping someone with a broken leg.

Week 5

This week a spider came to visit. We found Sally the Spider in a web in the classroom. We have made her lots of other webs. We even worked together to make a huge web on the carpet and then carefully stepped into the web to catch the spider. We have also made lots of spiders out of different materials too.

Our caterpillars have also really grown. We couldn't believe how much bigger they had got in just a few days. We can not wait until they make a cocoon.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Week 4 

This week we have had another delivery to Nursery. We have got 5 real caterpillars! We have been looking after them and we think that they will turn into butterflies one day. We are going to watch them grow and build a cocoon. We also went on a bug hunt in the garden in the school house. We found lots of wood lice, worms, flies, spiders and even millipedes! 



Picture 1
Picture 2

Week 3 

This week we found an egg outside in the playground. We fought it might be a dinosaur egg so we looked after it and watched it hatch. In a few days a baby dinosaur came out!

We have learnt all about dinosaurs this week. We are very lucky because Jonah is an expert on dinosaurs so he was able to tell us all sorts of interesting facts. We learnt about different sorts of dinosaurs, what they ate and how big they were. We also discovered some fossils and carefully excavated them from the sand. 



Picture 1 The dinosaur egg is hatching!
Picture 2 Dinosaur tracks on our shoes!
Picture 3
Picture 4 Excavating fossils.
Picture 5
Picture 6 Making model dinosaurs from clay.
Picture 7

Week 2

After planting the magic beans that grew into an enormous beanstalk last week, a giant came to visit! He left his huge shoes in Nursery. They were much too big for us! He then sent us a letter. He was lonely and needed a friend so we decided to make him one using big boxes. We knew he was a giant because he was even taller than Ms Loosley! He was ginormous!

We read some funny books too. We read 'Jim and the Giant', which gave us the idea to make our giant some huge glasses and teeth. We also read 'The Giant's Loo Roll,' we found some massive paper that we think was giant's loo roll and used to make all sorts of things, including a great big birthday banner and a huge apron for the giant.

We have also been practising our size words in our coffee shop. You can order a small, medium or large latte or hot chocolate!

Picture 1 Our enormous beanstalk
Picture 2 Making our own giant
Picture 3
Picture 4 He is taller than me!
Picture 5 Nursery coffee shop
Picture 6 What size coffee would you like?
Picture 7 Medium skinny cappacino!

Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you had a good holiday.

We made an exciting discovery this week in Nursery. We found some magic beans! We decided to plant them and see what grew.

By the next day there was a huge beanstalk that grew through the roof of the Nursery! We couldn't believe it! We thought about where the beanstalk may be going to. Some of us thought it was going above the clouds. Mohamed thought it might be going to China! Ophelia said she would ask her mum to phone her aunty in China and ask her in Chinese if she could see the beanstalk. We will let you know what she says.

We are not sure who lives at the top of the beanstalk yet but maybe we will find out next week....?