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Term 5

Week beginning Monday 16.05.16


In maths this week we have been learning about equivalent fractions. Example like ¼ is the equivalent to 2/8 there are much more. We also had a math lesson but we weren’t allowed to speak it was so fun

In English this week we have been writing a story plot about a crime scene. Now we are finishing our story.

In science we have had a science day we learned about how animals get there energy and the food chain we also learned about your teeth.

By Lottie and Jeshna  

Week beginning 09.0516


In Maths we have been learning about equivalent fractions. Equivalence means the same as, therefore 1/2 is equivalent to 15/30, 2/4, 12/24, 5/10 and many more. We noticed that if you double the numerator, you will get the denominator. If we are finding equivalent fractions to 1/4, we times the numerator by 4 to equal the denominator.


This morning, 6 Hawthorn came to see the prototypes of our games about the body. We explained the game, then we played it and finally they gave us constructive feedback of what we can improve.

In topic we began to write the instructions to go with our games.


In PE, we are continuing to take our pulse rates before and after exercising, and resting.

By 4Hazel

Week beginning 02.05.16


Sorry we couldn’t write on here last Friday, we were having lots of fun at @Bristol.  There were 3 groups.

We went to a show and looked inside a cow heart and lungs. The lady poured sugar into a cup she was trying to burn more calories than someone doing exercise. She lit the sugar and there was a big flash!


After, 4 Larch went upstairs, 4 Hazel went at the bottom then we investigated the human body. We saw different brains and found out how our muscles worked. Then after we swapped over then most of us went to the metal sand it was a magnet that looked like grey sand. Then we went back to school.


Written by David and Rayyan  

Week beginning: 18.04.16


In 4 hazel  this week we have been learning about  the human body focusing on the heart. We have been learning  a text called how your heart works.

  In maths we have been learning about factors and prime numbers . We have been finding out  factors and Mrs Price set a challenge for us which was to find out which number has the most factors under 50 or 100 .

  In Topic we have been  making our own games about the human body! In RE we have been looking at the story of Moses. We have also been looking at what makes a good leader and how Moses became one good leader.smiley


    by Isaac and Saja                                                                                                                                                  

Human body workshop

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