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Term 5

Our Sustainable City

‘Should plastic have ever been invented?’


This term we are looking at ethics, and exploring the question ‘Should plastic have ever been invented?’ We will look at the positive and negative aspects of plastic which should help us make up our minds.

In English, our text will be ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King and then we will write our own warning stories, as well as learning how to write persuasively.

We will look at the impact our plastic consumption is doing to the environment and investigate ways to relieve the problem.

We need donations of clean plastic wrapping and empty plastic  bottles as well as any other small plastic containers and bottle tops.


Home Learning Ideas

  • Investigate the history of plastic.
  • Make a poster of how you can reduce single use plastic.
  • Can you research the journey a plastic bottle makes once it has been bought? Can you create a story about it?
  • Can you use plastic to create a piece of art work?
  • Don’t forget to continue to practise those times tables!



Decomposing activity - We went outdoors and estimated how long different objects would take to decompose! Some results were very surprising!