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Term 5

New age Kurlinglaugh


For indoor PE we have been learning how to play curling. Everybody was really good at playing the game. We played boys v girls and the girls won. devil


First we tried to make the stone hit a sponge ball, this helped us to hit a target.devil Mrs Croot taught us how to throw the stone correctly and the safety rules.kiss Then we tried a soft shot and tried to roll the stone as close to the sponge ball as possible but this time without hitting it! Next we started to play the game. We got into teams of 4's. We tried to hit the target and you score like this. If you hit the red zone you score 5 points. If you hit the white zone you score 10 points. The blue zone is worth 25 points and right in the bullseye is worth 50 points. Miss Stone and Mrs Croot gave us 1 minute to plan our tactics to win the game. broken heartWe had to talk and listen to our team mates so we knew which shot to play and when to play it. 


It was very fun! angryThe girls started off losing but then they came back strong and won the game. We all tried our best and look forward to the boys winning next week?frownkissenlighteneddevilheart




Curling 1
Curling 2
Curling 3
Curling 4
Curling 5
Curling 6
Curling 7
Curling 8

Wednesday 3rd May

2 Lime went to Longleat and we saw loads of animals. We drove on the coach on our Safari and went into a Big Cat Zone and saw lions, cheetahs, wolves,vultures, camels, zebras and tigers. We went to a work shop and saw a snake, 2 ferrets, a pancake tortoise, cockroach and an armidillo. We also went on a boat and saw sea lions, hippos and a gorrila. We saw tons of meerkats and they were playing in the sand. We went to Penguin Island and got to see penguins really close up. They were standing around, lying on the floor and having fun. After the penguins we saw some stingrays which were very flat and we were not allowed to touch them even though they were really friendly. We also saw a blue fish and some sea horses. The ant eater was massive and the porcupines were a bit stinky! There were many robotic animals too! It was an amazing day and better that the summer holidays. noheartdevillaughbroken heartmailangrybroken heartdevilkissbroken heartbroken heartcoolkisscheekyyesindecision








Longleat 1
Longleat 2
Longleat 3
Longleat 4
Longleat 5
Longleat 6
Longleat 7
Longleat 8
Longleat 9
Longleat 10
Longleat 11
Longleat 12
Longleat 13
Longleat 14
Longleat 15
Longleat 16
Longleat 17
Longleat 18
Longleat 19
Longleat 20
Longleat 21
Longleat 22
Longleat 23
Longleat 24
Longleat 25
Longleat 26
Longleat 27
Longleat 28
Longleat 29
Longleat 30
Longleat 31
Longleat 32
Longleat 33
Longleat 34
Longleat 35
Longleat 36
Longleat 37
Longleat 38
Longleat 39
Longleat 40

Home Learning Ideas


Your child will continue to take home a reading book, spelling and times tables.

Here are some other things you could do at home relating to our topic:


Visit the library. How many books about animals can you find?

  • Write a fact file about an animal?
  • Design a Top Trump card about for favourite animal?
  • Can you make an animal 3D scene?
  • Find and read some poems about animals. Which poem is your favourite?
  • Go online and look at the animlas and things you would like to visit at Longleat.
  • Read a book written Roald Dahl
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