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Term 5

Welcome to Term 5!

Our topic this term is Big and Small.

We started this week by finding some small magic beans. We planted them and overnight they grew into an enormous beanstalk that grew up through the ceiling! We thought it might grow all the way around Bristol and to Australia!

A giant lives at the top of our beanstalk and when he came down to play he left behind one of his shoes. It was enormous and much too big for us. He was feeing lonely so we made him a giant friend. Come into the Nursery to meet Sparkle the giant!


This term we have been so busy! 

First of all a giant came to visit. We planted a beanstalk that grew all the way up through the roof! The giant came down to play and left his enormous shoes behind! He sent us a letter to say he was lonely so we made him a giant friend.

Our next visitor was very small, a hungry caterpillar ate his way through our fruit! We have some of his friends in the classroom now and we are waiting for them to change into caterpillars.

We have gone on to learn about all sorts of tiny mini beasts, including spiders, snails and ladybirds. We went on a bug hunt in the garden and discovered lots of these little creatures. On our curriculum morning we were very happy to welcome so many parents in the Nursery and what fantastic mini beast models were made with the children!

In our home corner we have been doing lots of measuring. We have a shoe shop and we have been measuring each others feet and finding shoes to fit. 

Have a look at our lovely photos.