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Term 5

A faster pace this week as we spotted lots of ladybirds!  Did you know that there are yellow ladybirds as well as red ones?  and that the babies that hatch from eggs are called larvae?

We had a lovely week exploring spotty things and a very busy Curriculum Afternoon making ladybird hats, paper plate ladybirds (remembering they need 6 legs!) and drawing the missing parts of a ladybird.


We say goodbye to Nadia for a short time, see you soon.  We will miss you.  


Have a warm and safe half term and we will see you on Wednesday 7th June at 1 pm.  




Weston trip 14th June - pay your contribution as soon as possible even if you haven't signed the permission slip.

Nursery is closed all day Wednesday 21st June for our new children to visit.  

A snail's pace for week 4 (17th May)!  We are learning that snails outgrow their shells, that they are called gastropods ('stomach-foot') and that they lay eggs.  They have 4 antennae, 2 of which have eyes on the ends.

 We painted and drew spirals, made a clay snail and practised rolling paper to create a spiral shape. 

We even made a spiral out of ourselves!


Look out for the letter about a trip next term ....


Have a lovely weekend everyone.  

Welcome back to Term 5 with sunnier days and warmer weather (not a hailstorm that I was caught in on Tuesday!)


We say hello to Mr Harvey who joins us for terms 5 and 6 and we wish Miss Waters well as she works at a different school.


This term is all about exploring big and small, so look out for our learning and see how we progress with our words for measuring different sizes of things.  We will be discovering a giant boot and wondering all about it. .....

Week 2.5.17 ... we discovered that some caterpillars had come to Maple - made of grapes and strawberries!  We realised that we could choose to make longer or shorter ones.  We shared the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and talked about the different fruits we all like.  Strawberries were the most popular.  


Next we will be learning about slinky spiders scuttling!

Ask your children about the song we sing which includes everyone's name ...... 

It is an alliteration song.  Each child has a sentence where the words begin with the same letter as their name:


Who sings about strawberries?

Who ambles with antelopes?

Who zooms with zebras?  


See if you can learn the whole song.