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Term 5

It has been a great term and we have been blown away with the children's enthusiasm for our Water World topic.  They have wowed us with their knowledge of watery creatures and with their in-depth  research skills.  I hope you've heard lots from them about life under the waves and in the ponds.


In literacy we have written fact files for many different sea and pond creatures. We have also created frogs, fish and our own water worlds, which we hope you'll enjoy displaying at home. In Science we learnt all about the life cycle of frogs.


Our visit to Windmill hill City Farm was a lovely way to explore water life hands on.  We went pond dipping and discovered many pond creatures: tadpoles; pond skaters; newts.  We also had an opportunity to visit all the farm animals.


This term we had the pleasure of two special visitors.  The first was from the author Ali Smith, who came and shared her stories with us.  The second was from a performer, who took us on an hilarious adventure to find a jewel thief! This was a small performance exclusively for Year 1's.


In numeracy we have been continuing our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and using this knowledge to help us solve division problems.  Please continue to practise these at home.


Have a lovely half term and we will see you all again on Monday 5th June.

Welcome back!


We have kicked of our term by diving in to the deep blue sea!  Water World is our new topic and we will be learning all about life in the water, not just in the seas and oceans but in the ponds and lakes to. So far we have identified all the different types of water worlds both near and far and we have started to learn about what life is like in the oceans.  We are so thirsty for information about the sea creatures below the waves! We learnt about Angler fish, Seahorse and Clownfish.  We also know lots about other sea creatures such as Dolphins and Whales are mammals and they need air to breathe; other fish have gills to help them breathe in the water.


We loved to learn more from people who have explored the waters, so if you are an avid snorkeler (with the gear) or a keen fisherman/woman please come and share your experiences with us.


Our Science topic links in as we are finding out all about the features of fish and how these help fish to survivie in the environments that they live in.


In numeracy we have been learning about multiplication.  We are become more fluent at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, as well as knowing which times table a number belongs to, for example 25 is in the 5s times table and 30 is in the 2s, 5s and 10s times table.  We've been using equipment to represent a multiple and learning different ways to describe 3 x 5 for example as 3 lots of 5 or 3 groups of 5.  You can help us at home, help us to count pairs of socks and shoes or grouping things in 5s or 10s and finding the total.