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Term 5

The Year 3 trip to Nightingale Valley

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back! We hope you had a great Easter break. We can’t wait to get started.


Our indoor PE slot this term will be Tuesday or Thursday (alternating each week). We will also continue our weekly swimming slot. The first slot will be on Friday 28th April.


On Tuesday afternoons we will be out of class to do planning and assessment. During this time both classes will be taken by Mrs Miller and Mrs H.


Children should bring a book bag to school, so that they can take home letters and reading books. Please ask at the office if you need a book bag.


Your child will continue to take home their red spelling and times tables book every week. Please help your child to learn these for the test each Friday. Everyone in Year 3 has working really hard learning their spellings and timetables – let’s keep up the good work in term 5!


We are very pleased to announce that our topic this term is ‘Are Bugs Important?’ This is a science based topic that will investigate habitats, life cycles and the impact of mini beasts in our environment.



Thank you for all your support,


Tom Germain and Meg Dudding

Further Details


Reading Children should bring a book bag to school, so that they can take home letters and reading books. Please ensure that your child is reading for 20 minutes every day. Remember to ask them questions about the text e.g.

  • What words were chosen to show that characters are happy/sad?

  • What description has been included that shows the time and place that the story has been set?

  • Would this story work in another period of time?


    Home learning ideas: As you are aware children have timetables and spellings to practise weekly. Here are some other suggestions of how you could support your child at home.


  • Times tables (x3, x4, x8) - how many tables can you do in given time? Make your own timetable game.
  • Time- children to practise telling the time to nearest 5mins in 24clock. Give them practical problems (E.g. swimming starts in 55 minutes, what time will it start?)
  • Adding, subtracting- practise the formal written methods (column addition and subtraction) and mental method ( break up into hundreds, tens, ones and add parts, use doubling/halving facts, if I know 4+5=9 I know 40+50=90)


  • Learn spellings sent home each week
  • Homophones – how many can you think of, can you apply correctly to a sentence.

Encourage children to write for pleasure (story, diary, letter, an information report on something that interests them.) Get them to check they have used the correct punctuation (full stops, capital letters, inverted commas, commas for a list, paragraphs)


This term we will be learning literacy through a high quality text. Our text will be ‘James and the Giant Peach.’ Our in depth study will focus on character creation, recounts and letter writing.


Our focus in science will be identification and classification of a range of living organisms.


During this term the children will be working on refining their measurement strategies and understanding of money.

Additionally, we will continue to investigate place value and problems associated with the four operations.

Design Technology:

The children will be working in teams to build a wormery using a variety of materials.


Creating spider sculptures and drawings inspired by our story ‘James and the giant peach’.


Use knowledge of instruments and rhythm to create own compositions.


We will be learning the basics of programming and software development.

Diversity and Inclusion:

The children will be reading, discussing and reflecting on the poignant tales of Anancy.


As the weather improves we will be learning and practising tag rugby skills.

We will continue our swimming sessions with a focus on endurance and treading water.


We will be interpreting Christian and Islamic stories to further reflect on our BIG question;

‘What is important to me?’


We will continue to develop our communication skills by focussing on greetings.


The children will use reflective discussion, and practical activities to develop essential personal skills and understand relationships.

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