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Term 5



Hello everyone,


We're now at week 4 of a very short term. However, the children have achieved so much! I'm really proud of their efforts. Here is a snap shot of the things we've accomplished. 


"On Friday, year 5 won the Bristol Poetry Slam! We competed against 3 other schools and our combined total was 1,089 points." frown Edward


"During PE, Bristol sport have been teaching us how to play tennis. Yesterday it rained so much that we played different variations of dodgeball. Mr Fry was very good!" Joey.


"In maths, we've been reading scales to find amount of length, weight and capacity," David.


"Furthermore, we used our maths skills to convert units of measurement," Emma.


"During literacy, we've started to prepare our own play scripts to perform a news report. Our theme is LIFE," Layla. 


"In science, we've been learning about the different living kingdoms. They include: animals, plants, fungi, bacteria and protists," Logan





Hello and welcome back, I hope that you had an excellent Easter break. Some how it's term 5, where has the time gone? However, there's still so much more to achieve! 


This term we'll be focusing on the question - 'Do we appreciate what's on our doorstep?' During the next 5 weeks we'll be investigating our home town and what's available on our doorstep. Through science we will also be investigating food chains, habitats, life cycles and seed dispersal. 


At home your child could make a collage about their home and life in Bristol. They could collect photographs and discuss where their family have come from. This week we briefly discussed what a family tree is - this is something that your child could create using interview techniques to uncover information. 


Here are some websites that your child can investigate to help with this topic. - A selection of science games and activities. - A superb website showing a range of maps of Bristol during different periods of history.