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Term 5

Update: 17/05/17


We have now completed our SATS, to much relief of everyone involved, but this doesn't mean the end of Maths and Literacy! For example, in Maths we have now started looking at applying the maths knowledge we have learned over our time at primary school to solve puzzles that take several sessions and cover a broad range of mathematical skills. We will also be using our maths in the very real-world setting of budget management when we start our mini-enterprise work.


In Literacy, we still have our end-of-year moderation to look forward to, so are still creating weekly examples of independent writing and are being given time to self-edit our work to help us get as many of the grammar features we learned for the SATS into our writing.


We've also enjoyed a trip this week to the Create Centre and learned about protecting ourselves and others from the hazards that are around us everyday. Should the worst happen, we've also learned how to phone emergency services and provide the essential information they would need.



This term is SATs so inevitably we are doing quite a bit of work on revision of materials to enable us to score as highly as we can in our assessments (which is pretty much our maths and literacy work). However, this is not all we are doing!


In Literacy this week, as well as looking at grammar and spelling, we have written a story focusing on suspense. We've also explored a written story which was a bit heavy on the adverbs!


In Maths, we've done a couple of practice papers which led to us practising adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions, and finding fractions and percentage of amounts.


In Science this week, we added food colouring into hot and cold water to see how the energy that the molecules in the water affected the distribution of the colouring. We also put drops of water onto wax paper to see how easily they held their shape as they were dragged around. This was to help us explore the molecular structure of liquids. When we tried to split the liquid, it was not as easy as breaking it by dragging the liquid around. It also reformed easier than it separated.


In PE, we have done team games. One was the Circle Chant - not so successful, but highly amusing - and the Leap Frog game in which 4 of the cohort succeeded (even though they were with the teachers and LSAs who did not lend assistance) to much celebration. We have also practised our running technique by checking how different styles of running impact our speed and balance.


In Topic, we made a leaflet about a specific type of natural disaster, detail how they were caused and give details about major examples of that type of disaster throughout history.



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