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Term 5

Term 5 Week 2


"In maths we have been learning to identify and measure angles." (Ikhlaas)


"In English we have been basing our work around the text 'Floodland'." (Dawid)


"In topic we have been researching about Global Warming." (Jess) 


"In PE we will be learning how to play tennis (weather permitting)." (Sam)

Our Sustainable Planet


Our key question is: How can we save the planet? 


What an interesting and current topic this will be for our year 6 children. During the 5 weeks of learning we will be exploring renewable energy and how it has been developed throughout history. We will also be working in teams in an energy workshop to discover ways that we can help protect our planet. 


Half way through our topic, the children will be going to the Life Skills Centre to investigate real life situations and how to help the community in times of emergency. 


In geography, we will be exploring where some natural resources come from in order to produce the things that we use and eat (Eg. Chocolate, tea, coffee, cotton). 


During English, we will be reading the text 'Floodland' by Marcus Sedgewick which is about a young girl called Zoe who has lost her parents and is embarking on a journey through the flooded world to get some answers. 


In maths, we will be learning about statistics. This will be linked with our topic to make use out facts and figures about the amount of energy we use in our school. 


Suggested Home Learning 


  • Practise the year 3 and 4 spellings
  • Practise the year 5 and 6 spellings
  • Set maths homework (Sent home Friday and returned during the following Monday)
  • Write a descriptive piece about how your family looks after the planet. What recycling tips do you have? What are your thoughts towards single use plastic? Do you have a Smart meter and how does it impact the home?
  • Find a product and investigate the ingredients: Can you map out the journey where certain items come from?
  • Create a poster about renewable energy. 
  • Describe the dangers of burning fossil fuels. 
  • Practise your times table target.