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Term 5

Term 5


We have another fun-filled term coming up! Our whole school theme is focused on sustainability. In Year 5, we will be looking specifically at allotments. It would be of great help if you can collect any 2ltr plastic bottles of pop for our recycling garden projects. 


We are looking at a picture book in English this term: Window by Jeannie Baker. We will predominantly focus on fiction writing. The skills that we will focus on are: developing cohesion within paragraphs; refining our use of punctuation and the passive and active voice. 


In Maths, we will continue to build our knowledge on fractions, decimals and percentages. We will also keep revisiting previous learning through our starter activities to ensure that they can keep all that learning alive in their brains!


This term, our PE sessions are on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Year 5 will be taking part in athletics the Akeel and dodge ball with Bristol Sports Coaches - what a treat! Please ensure that children have the correct and complete PE kits in school throughout the week, in case we have extra PE or our session is swapped. 


Please continue to read with your child at home and ask questions to check their understanding. Additionally, keep practising those number facts and time tables! Remember, that any work done at home will earn extra housepoints. It is important that they have a secure knowledge and understanding of these facts.


Hope you all have a lovely break!

Miss Aubrey

Homework Ideas - Our Sustainable City - Year 5

Topic - Planting

Topic - Planting 1
Topic - Planting 2
Topic - Planting 3
Topic - Planting 4
Topic - Planting 5
Topic - Planting 6
Topic - Planting 7
Topic - Planting 8
Topic - Planting 9
Topic - Planting 10
Topic - Planting 11
Topic - Planting 12
Topic - Planting 13
Topic - Planting 14
Topic - Planting 15
Topic - Planting 16
Topic - Planting 17
Topic - Planting 18
Topic - Planting 19
Topic - Planting 20
Topic - Planting 21
Topic - Planting 22
Topic - Planting 23
Topic - Planting 24
Topic - Planting 25
Topic - Planting 26
Topic - Planting 27
Topic - Planting 28
Topic - Planting 29
Topic - Planting 30
Topic - Planting 31
Topic - Planting 32
Topic - Planting 33
Topic - Planting 34
Topic - Planting 35
Topic - Planting 36
Topic - Planting 37
Topic - Planting 38
Topic - Planting 39
Topic - Planting 40
Topic - Planting 41
Topic - Planting 42
Topic - Planting 43
Topic - Planting 44
Topic - Planting 45
Topic - Planting 46
Topic - Planting 47


Spheros 1
Spheros 2
Spheros 3
Spheros 4
Spheros 5
Spheros 6
Spheros 7
Spheros 8
Spheros 9
Spheros 10
Spheros 11
Spheros 12
Spheros 13
Spheros 14
Spheros 15
Spheros 16
Spheros 17
Spheros 18
Spheros 19

Week 2 Update


‘In English, we have read our class text for this term. It is called ‘Window’ by Jeannie Baker and it has no words – only pictures!’ Henry


‘The message of the book is: if we keep building houses and cities, we will end up destroying the environment and animals’ and plants’ habitats.’ Zed


‘We have identified the human and physical features that we can see in two different outlooks from the window.’ Halle


‘In Topic this term, we have been learning about how we can make plant pots out of newspaper.’ Malak


‘We have been practising our play; Bombs and Blackberries.’ Olive


‘Also, we have been making props for our play.’ Lola


‘In Maths, we have been learning about comparing fractions using diagrams.’ Billy


‘We have just started to add and subtract fractions. If both fractions have the same denominator then the answer will also have the same denominator.’ Jakin


‘We got the chance to play with the spheros. They are like little robots that you can control with an iPad.’ Aminia


‘We got the chance to go to the Celebration of Sports Festival at Ashton Gate Stadium. We got to try out 12 different sports including: squash, football and basketball.’ Aman


‘In Art this term, we have been practising our sewing skills by embroidering postcards that would have been sent home during WWII.’ Lily

PE - Athletics - Cherry Olympics