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Term 6

Welcome back to Term 6 - already busy and looking forward to our trip to Weston on 4th July.  Please return your permission slip and payment next Wednesday 27th June.  

The last few weeks we have been exploring water and boats and have discovered that we can make our own rivers, waterfalls and puddles.  We also love spraying plants (and each other) to keep cool!

We are learning the story of Noah's Ark and the boat that could float.  We even made one from playdough and discovered how many pairs of animals could fit on it.  

We were amazing at the Race for Life - I think we could have done a 2nd circuit of the park and we were pleased with how much money we raised.

Today we took a moment to look around us and celebrate Nature and while outside, drew what we could see.


We wish you a happy weekend and will see you next week.


Mrs Knights, Mrs Moral and Mr Javi