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Term 6

Monday 11th July-Friday 15th July


  • Today we went to visit our new teacher and practised being in Year 2!
  • We dressed up in clothes from Myanmar (Burma) as we have been learning about it this week.
  • On Thursday we performed  counting to 10 in Burmese to the parents.
  • This week we have learning to count to 10 in Burmese, we made a number line with the Burmese symbols.
  • We made the flag, it was red, yellow and green with a white star on it.
  • This week we made traditional hats from Burma out of paper-mache!
  • We made a vegetarian Burmese curry and enjoyed tasting it!
  • We played a game called cane ball where we had to keep the ball up in the air. It was really tricky.
  • We dressed up in traditional clothes from Myanmar that Mrs Gavagan had brought back from when she went to see her daughter!
  • Yesterday we had an Eid Party at school, we all had a great time and ate lots of food!

We had an amazing trip to Blaise Castle today!


Take a look at our photos!



Monday 27th June-Friday 1st July

  • On Monday we had science day. We went to 4 different teachers and did different experiments about the senses! It was great fun discovering things all day.
  • This week we have been performing our speeches to the class.
  • In maths we have been learning how to find missing numbers in number sentences. We have been using number lines to help us.
  • In literacy we have been asking questions about year 2 and questions about Child of Hope school in Uganda. We have also written recounts of Brunel's life for our books.
  • In PE we have been practising our throwing and catching skills.
  • In PSHE we have been learning about private body part names.
  • Today is Mrs James last day with us so we are having a celebration this afternoon to say thank you!

Monday 20th June-Friday 24th June 

  • On Monday we painted portraits of Brunel.
  • We have been learning a TFW biography all about Brunel. 
  • In maths we have been finding 1/4 of  a shape, number and turn.
  • On Tuesday we walked to SMR Church for our RE trip. We learnt about why the church is a special place. We looked at special parts of the church, learnt about a christening and made our own roof bosses (like the ceiling of the church).
  • We made a biography in a bag for Brunel with all the interesting facts we have learnt. 
  • We will be practising our speeches this week ready for presenting them to the class next week. 

Monday 13th June-Friday 17th June

Monday 13th June-Friday 17th June

  • This week we have been writing diaries. Each day we have been a different Victorian child writing about our day. We have been a chimney sweep, factory worker, a child at school and a Victorian child whose birthday it is!
  • In maths we have been counting in 5s. We need to keep practising this over the next few weeks!
  • In topic Miss Dudding changed into a Victorian teacher, the classroom was all different and spent the afternoon being taught as Victorian children. We prefer school like it is today!
  • On Thursday it was the football, so lots of us went into the hall to watch the match. It was very exciting.
  • In RE we learnt about different symbols of the church ready for our trip next week.
  • Today we had a go on the computers, learning how to use paint and save our work.
  • In science we are doing our experiment with the ice today, deciding which material will be best for Tangerine Dream to take his food in for the picnic, he wants to keep it cool!

Monday 6th June-Friday 10th June

Monday 6th June-Friday 10th June

  • This term we are learning about the Victorians. We made a timeline of important events in history.
  • We had a 'Biography in a bag'. We had to look at all the clues and work out who the person was. We did a very good job and found out all about Queen Victoria.
  • In maths we have been counting in 2s, we have been finding out how many groups of 2 make a number and solving problems such as ' there are 10 people, with 2 legs each, how many legs altogether?'
  • In topic and literacy we have been comparing clothes and food of Victorian children and ourselves. We can use these ideas to help us know what to wear and bring in our picnic to Blaise Castle.
  • In science, we started an experiment! We are helping Tangerine Dream the teddy to decide which material would be best to keep his lunch in to keep it cool. We had a feel of ice and made predictions about different materials. Next week we will do the testing.
  • In PE we have been doing some practising for sports day which is next Tuesday.