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Term 6

Our last term together this year - unbelievable!


This term we are exploring Colourful Cultures and will focus on the fascinating island of Madagascar.  We are thinking about the coast, forest, 4 different animals and what the people do.  We will learn a bit of Malagasy along the way!


Remember that our lovely trip to Weston is on Wednesday 12th June - everybody all day.  There's room on the bus if you would like to come with us.  


The children are getting ready to move to their new classes and meet new friends.  This is a big step for them so please let us know if there is any behaviour change at home so that we can support in Nursery. 


With every change there is gain and loss and we are developing the resilience to manage change. 

Week 2 was our Big Day Out!  We had a wonderful time at Weston, thank you to all the parents who were able to come with us.  We really enjoyed being together and the sun shone!  Some of us thought we were near Madagascar (Brean Down) and estimated it would take us 100 days to get there.

We dug the sand, made sandcastles with damp sand, ran, jumped over ditches, made new friends and ate our delicious packed lunches.  We were so tired we fell asleep on the way home.


I had a fantastic time at the Eid Party and loved trying Sudanese Curry and Rice and Pakistani Pakoras- wonderful.  And I had my hand decorated with a delicate henna flower. 


Week 3 we will return to Madagascar and learn about the mysterious and beautiful Baobab Tree. 

We have discovered that the baobab tree is used for food and medicine, that it is really really tall and very very wide ..... so wide that you could make a house, a shop or a prison in it!  We made our own Baobab tree den in the Nursery, did you spot it?  The Baobab tree grows very slowly upwards for about 30 years, then grows branches from 40 years.  The tree can take over 70 years to grow its stem and trunk.  Baobab trees can be up to 3000 years old.


We have painted and created and made lots of music this week - drumming and tapping were the most popular expressions of creative energy.


We finally got to run and jump and shout outside, what a relief!!


Week 4 is  going to be about a creature that in the wild, is only found in Madagascar.  It lives in trees and has a long curling tail.  Can you guess what it is?

Week 5 has found us looking at a very long and very slithery creature ...... The Boa Constrictor! We made our own snakes using pipe cleaners and by cutting paper spirals and twisting them around branches. 

Some of us have visited our new teachers and tried new activities; it's exciting and a little bit scary they told me.  

There's still lots to learn - next week is about the Madagascan Long-Eared Owl.


Have a happy and summery weekend!


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral

This is my last entry for this year's Maple Class.  We have had a very adventurous year of learning and living!

The final part of our Madagascar learning looked at the Madagascan Long-eared Owl.  We made clay owls with feathers and created a mixed media nest for them.  Did you know that this owl is about 40-50 cm long and has a wing span of 90 cm?  We learned the phrase "soft and silently swooping" and despite lots of practice, didn't quite manage the silent part of the action - we did try!!


Outside we have really loved hopping, running and swinging from a frame, testing how strong our bodies are - they are amazing.


We wish you all well as you move to your new Reception classes or return to Nursery.


Have a lovely and safe Summer.


Mrs Knights and Mrs Moral