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Term 6

Week Beginning 04.07.16


This week in 4 Hazel we have been in our new classroom with our new teacher Mr.Fry . After playtime we got to do our first science with him. We got a plate, skittles and water .We arranged the skittles into a pattern and where there was space we poured water half way through the skittles and all the colouring exploded in to the water and created amazing patterns. At the end we got to eat 7 skittles. The original amount was 14 and we were in pairs so we have to divided it into 2. It’s not just skittles there are others like M&M ‘s  and Mentos.


In Topic Beck’s who works in Child of hope , came to our school and we got to give her our bookmarks and letters for our pen pals. On Wednesday we created an African dance for our curriculum afternoon.


On Friday we had international day, years 3 and 4 have the country Ancient Greece, We started in 3 Cherry with Miss.Camaron. We got to learn and eat a Greek salad. We ate Tomatoes, a medium, red Onion, Cucumber, Bread with olive oil, Olives and Feta cheese. We also got to smell dried Oregano. At the end we got to read out our Greek Life Facts.


On Thursday we read out our speeches  to our 3 judges. The winners were : KS2 was Billy in 6 Ash, KS1 was Isobel in 2 Willow.

By Rayyan and Trixel

Week beginning 27 June


In maths this week we have been learning maths games to do with our counting skills and been going into partners we played games that were on a number line.


In English we have been doing prefixes and suffixes and have been putting them into column’s we looked in a dictionary thesaurus and looked what it means E.G  un happy and sub way.


In art with Mrs H we are making tissue paper woven baskets we have started them but have not finished them yet.

In P.E we are focusing on tennis and the main thing we are looking at is mirror up swipe.



Week beginning 13.06.16


This week in 4 Hazel we have been doing line graphs, bar charts and capacity. We found some of it tricky but all of us had growth minds so we got there in the end. We were in different groups depending on which level we were on.

In English we have been recording a summary of The Village That Vanished. We were paired with people that we didn’t work with that much. The story was based on Uganda our topic. Recently, we wrote a character description of this grandmother named Chimwala [which means stone].

In RE we have been focusing on this leader called Desmond Tutu who is a South African leader. We wrote about how good his leadership skills are. He had 4 children and a wife. He was born in 1931 AD and won the Nobel Prize.

In Topic we have been making a museum leading to both year 4 classes. Also we have been looking at the physical and human features compared to St Mary Redcliffe.

In Science we have been learning about the water cycle .We learnt the words Condensation, Precipitation and Evaporation.

By Jozef and Saja

Week beginning 06.06.16


This week in 4 Hazel  we have been learning how to write a rap/poem with a visitor called Mark.

In Maths we have been learning all about handling data and all different types of graphs like line graph, bar chart.

In Topic we have been learning about Uganda, we have been partners with Uganda children in Child of hope school in Mbali and we call them pen pals!

In English we have been reading the book ‘The village that vanished’ about Yao people ,the main characters are Abikanile which means listen, Njemile which meant upstanding and Chimwala means stone.

In Art, we have been painting with ink, a gorilla in Uganda and practicing on paper for different techniques and styles.

In P.E we have been practicing for sports day on Thursday 14th and warming up for it as well.



By Trixel and Daisy