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Term 6

This is our very last day in Maple Nursery for 2017.  We have had a lovely although very eventful year together!


We have had a party to say goodbye to each other and remember - even if you're not in Maple next year, you can always look at our web page to see what we are up to.


Our final message to you all is have a safe and happy holiday.  Remember you are loved and valued by all of us at St Mary Redcliffe Primary, and you are a wonderful group of parents (as always!).  You do the best, and hardest job of all, so thank you for lending us your fabulous children.  We will miss you greatly.  


love from  Mrs Knights and Mr Javier xxx

We have had a wonderful International Week learning all about Spain.  Mr Javier has helped us learn 12345 once I caught a fish alive in Spanish.  It was quite hard so we learned numbers 1-10 and asked the questions in Spanish.  

We tasted churros and hot chocolate - an extra breakfast for us!


We painted Spanish flags, explored red and yellow patterns, and decorated beautiful flamenco dancers (men in their suits, or ladies in their flouncy ruffled dresses).


Here are the words to the song to sing together:

uno dos tres cuatro cinco

once I caught a fish alive

seis siete ocho nueve diez

then I let it go again.


Porque lo dejaste ir?

because it bit my finger so!

y que dedo te mordio?

this little finger on my right.


you can find an animated version of the whole song sung in Spanish on youtube.  


Happy weekend all, see you next week.


International Week

Pirate Frank came to visit us this week!  We learned about treasure island maps and told their stories - come and look at our Wow Windows to find them.  We also explored some objects that float and sink;  did you know that a red pepper floats but a red tomato doesn't?  Can you work out why?


On Friday afternoon we discovered that Pirate Frank had left 2 types of treasure behind - stuff that floats and sinks AND ..... something to eat!  We had to follow the photo clues to find the edible treasure.  


Next week we will be looking at what lives in water.


Have a relaxing weekend everyone.

What a gorgeous week we have had.  Thank you for all the help on our wonderful Weston trip - we definitely love sand and water exploring.  It was a beautiful and fun day .... even with the bus adventure!  Thank you for all your patience and support - our children were amazing.   The photos show just what a lovely day it was.  


We also said goodbye to our delightful butterflies - we have watched the changes from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.  We sang to them then watched as they enjoyed fluttering in the fresh air and sunshine. 


Remember Nursery is closed on Wednesday 22nd June for our new children to visit.  If you are spending another year with me (5 children) please come as normal at 1 pm for the afternoon.  

Welcome back to the last term of the year - it has zipped by!

It's been a splashy sploshy sort of week 1 - the rain has been exciting to listen to and be in.  It gave us new opportunities for raindrop art - we hold our paper out in the rain for a few seconds and see where the drops land!

We are exploring one of our favourite themes ..... sand and water.  We started by reading and watching the story "Sharing a Shell".  We have created our own shells for crabs and will be finding out about other rockpool creatures and different types of water.  Have you ever wondered why water is wet? 


Weston trip next Wednesday 14th June:


We will be on the sand (not in the water!!)

Remember to come to school for 8.55 am or the bus will leave without you!

Packed lunch from home or school with 2 drinks in cartons or plastic bottles.

Beach clothes including sunhat, T-shirt which must cover shoulders and a raincoat with hood (just in case...)

We will return by 3.20 at the latest - please be there to meet the bus on Whitehouse Street.  Please check your phones regularly as we will text you our arrival time.  


Thank you to all the adults coming with us.


Have a lovely weekend. 


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