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Term 6

Shaun the Sheep Trail

Shaun the Sheep Trail 1
Shaun the Sheep Trail 2
Shaun the Sheep Trail 3
Shaun the Sheep Trail 4
Shaun the Sheep Trail 5
Shaun the Sheep Trail 6
Shaun the Sheep Trail 7
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Shaun the Sheep Trail 9
Shaun the Sheep Trail 10
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Shaun the Sheep Trail 18

Week Beginning 22nd June


Ops we forgot to do this last week because Miss Shreeves wasn't with us on Friday afternoon so we are going to tell you about the last two weeks.


This week in PE we learnt how to leap over hurdles and how to land.


In music we have been using African drums to compose a piece of music in groups and then we put them all together.


On Art day we were making sculptures and designing bowls. The whole class have made a life size model of Brunel. We painted the bowls in the style of Nikki de Saint Phalle.


In Numeracy we were learning about symmetry and coordinates.


On Thursday it was the whole school speaking competition. Our class winners were Lauren and Rufus who both did really well. Lauren did especially well because she won the key stage two competition!!!

Week Beginning 8th June


This week we did tennis coaching again, we played a match and learned some new skills. We learnt to balance our balls on our rackets.


In Literacy we have written a description and we also wrote our own ending for the story 'The Village That Vanished'.


In maths we made a maths poster to solve a problem, the problem was 'If I add a fraction less than 1 with another fraction less than 1 it will always equal less than one?' The answer was sometimes true.


This week Teacher Mike and Becks, from Child of Hope School, came from Uganda and spoke to us all about their school. Teacher Mike is coming to our class next week to see us perform our dance. This dance is to do with African life.



PLay Pod Training

PLay Pod Training 1
PLay Pod Training 2
PLay Pod Training 3
PLay Pod Training 4
PLay Pod Training 5
PLay Pod Training 6
PLay Pod Training 7
PLay Pod Training 8
PLay Pod Training 9

Week Beginning 1st June


This week on Friday we had a tennis coach come in and coach us with our tennis skills.


In Literacy we have started our new book, called The Village that Vanished. It is a story set in Africa, about slavers coming and taking black people to be slaves for white people. We haven't finished it yet but at the moment we have heard that the slavers are near the village where the main character Abikanile lives. We also wrote the ending of Kensuke's Kingdom.


In maths we have been learning about fractions. We had to find equivalent fractions. We found out for equivalent fraction, that whatever you do to the top you have to do to the bottom. We played some fun maths games including Shut the box and Adding and Subtracting 19!


In art this week we made Mrs H's day with good behaviour and we got 40 out of 40!!!

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