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Term 6

The Year 3 trip to the Ancient Egyptian Exhibition at Bristol Museum

Term 6: Things You Need To Know Letter

Term 6 Home Learning Ideas

  • Do some cooking at home; practise your weighing skills by measuring out the ingredients.
  • Make a shop at home! Add up totals and find the change for customers.
  • Find different containers, can your order them? Estimate the volume? Add or subtract volumes? Enjoy exploring capacity in the bath or outside.
  • Go to the library and choose a non-fiction book. Make a poster about what you found out.
  • Make a timetable of your week, plotting the times and duration of each event.
  • Create your own tomb or coffin for a mummy. Remember they are decorated with a picture of the person and show off their wealth.
  • Research what ancient Egyptian homes looked like, then show in pictures, words or a model.
  • Make a simple game about ancient Egypt e.g. snap, uno, snakes and ladders etc.
  • Create a fact file about ancient Egypt. Think about the river Nile, the Pyramids, the gods, food and drink, their clothing and the houses.
  • Using the words – Ancient Egypt create an acrostic poem.
  • List ten things that we would not see in Ancient Egypt and why. List ten things that we would see in Ancient Egypt and why.
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